Second day in Oslo

March 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

Noon here and the sky is still grey. I woke up around ten and lay for half an hour waiting for the swelling of my eyes to pass. I glanced out the window and thought to myself, “I’m in Oslo…” I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not in California anymore. It doesn’t help that I’m not jet-lagged at all. I’m beginning to wish that my body felt some sort of remorse or resistance to the move. Maybe it’s just a sign that this was the right decision, that I belong in a time zone nine hours ahead of the one I’ve lived in the last 15 years of my life.

Ola and I had an enjoyable breakfast: freshly baked wheat rolls with a spread of various meat and vegetable toppings, fruit tea and smoothies. I enjoy the meals because they are small yet elegant. It reminds me of how my mom always makes every bite of her food satisfy both taste and visual appeal. At the same time I grow irritated with our meals because I read the food labels to practice my Norwegian and am told by Ola that they are in Swedish. The languages are so similar and so vastly different at the same time.

I feel I am learning to appreciate life in a different way. There is no feeling of stress or a rush to seize the day. But then again, I’ve only been here for 24 hours. Ola has work this afternoon and will take the train with me so I can visit my grandparents. I’m a little nervous to see them. Ola said our grandmother’s Alzheimer’s has gotten very bad over the last several years. I am confident she will have no idea who I am. Depending in how you look at it, this is either disconcerting or liberating, as it removes any pressure to prove yourself.

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