Day Three in Oslo

March 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

It is four in the afternoon, the sky still grey, and it snowed a bit last night. I know this because all of a sudden my jet-lag kicked in and I didn’t fall asleep until after six in the morning. The weather is at a weird stage right now. It’s cold enough for it to snow but at the same time the snow on the ground is melting. It all ends up forming this thick layer of ice on the sidewalks.

This morning I spent some time looking out the window, watching people tend to their cars. One guy arrived fully armed with a pick and high tech wiper blades and passed a couple desperately trying to get their car out of the snow. I watched them use everything from towels underneath the tires, him pushing from the front, and their friend towing from the back. Quite a different experience than being able to jump in your car and go. I have to stop and appreciate the ease of using a car in L.A.

Ola left for work around nine and I didn’t wake until eleven or so. Since then I’ve been relaxing at the apartment and watching movies. I had considered going for a long walk around Oslo but felt a little uncomfortable being somewhere where I don’t know the language or layout.

Things are obscenely expensive! The trashy magazines like US or InTouch are the equivalent of ten dollars. I went to buy one to remind me of home and then freaked when I calculated the price. I’ll be here long enough to site-see so I’m pretty content hanging out at home and avoiding getting mugged or spending what little money I have.

I had been hoping to see my grandparents today but my Bestepappa said they had dinner plans. Bestemamma answered the phone and didn’t know who I was. I’m wondering if she doesn’t recognize my name or just doesn’t even remember that I exist. Bestepappa was a pleasure to talk to. His voice has gotten older but his humor is still the same. He said they were really looking forward to seeing me and I’m hoping I can visit next week while Tante Vibeke is away at work.

Yesterday I ended up going with Ola to the central station where he jumped on the train to work. I spent a couple hours walking around the malls there. All the shops sold the same things you’d find in the U.S. and played all the top music listened to in the states. I had to keep assuring myself this was not home. I got a pay-as-you-go cell phone. I couldn’t figure how to change it to English, so at least I am learning a little Norwegian. I purchased a Norwegian language program and plan on studying it thoroughly. I really loathe not being able to communicate effectively with people.

People are very pushy here in Oslo. Ola said that everyone is pretty much into their own world and they don’t interact unless they need too. I noticed this most when getting onto the escalators in the mall. You could be about to step on and suddenly get knocked over by someone going a slightly faster pace than you. The couple of times I held doors open for people they seemed a bit surprised.

When Ola came home around ten we went to grab a bite to eat at a Middle Eastern restaurant on the corner. I am enjoying spending time with him. Conversations are smooth, though sometimes one of us might need a little more help understanding what the other is attempting to say.

Tomorrow Ola has the day off and we are planning on exploring Oslo before I catch the train to Tjome. I’m excited to get to my Aunt’s house because it will make me feel more settled. I have to keep fighting the anxious feelings that rise every now and then; to teach myself to slow down and take things as they come to me.

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