Job Hunting

May 11, 2009 § Leave a comment

It’s been almost two weeks since I moved up to Oslo. While I enjoy finally having a place to live, I’m finding myself overwhelmed with the difficulty in finding work. Yesterday I spent another afternoon searching for work by walking around the area Grünerløkka handing out my CV to every cafe and restaurant. It was bustling with people out to soak in the sun in the parks and sidewalk cafes. Most locations informed me that they weren’t hiring any more people for the summer or that there were already too many employees who wanted more shifts. After hitting every available cafe in the area I called Nadine, since we had planned to meet up at some point. I found her at a small sidewalk table with a group of old friends, who were either pregnant or had babies with them. I introduced myself and then explained who I was and where I had come from, all in Norwegian. Her friends were extremely kind and receptive and told me that I spoke really well. I find that the body language of most Norwegians I meet grows considerably more comfortable when I express myself in Norwegian and let them know that I understand quite a bit.

After saying goodbye, Nadine and I headed towards the city center in order to look for other employment opportunities. As we were walking she asked to see my CV and immediately exclaimed when she noted that there was no picture on it. In my research of how to write a CV, I had come across an article that said you should only post your picture if you are applying for a job where looks are important, like modeling. Apparently this was wrong and Nadine explained to me that a picture would be one of my selling points. I experienced another sinking feeling as I realized that I had submitted picture-less applications to all the best cafes and restaurants in the area and most likely would not be hearing back from any of them. We ended up finding a small street cafe and I treated Nadine to a coffee for her help. Norwegians love their sun! We sat out at a small table and watched the mounds of people rolling by. It’s nice to savor the seasons this way, to hold on to every moment of sun you have, an appreciation I never had living in Southern California.

The rest of the day was relaxing and social as it took my mind off the stress of finding a job. Nadine and I headed back to her apartment where we made a fresh salad with chicken and tortillas. We then moved to the balcony with some red wine and sat with our legs propped up as we chatted and watched the sun set. I’ve been getting thrown off by how light it is here into the night. We are only in the beginning of May and it doesn’t get really dark until about 10:30 p.m. My night patterns have changed and I have been staying up really late, most likely because I am so used to going to bed a couple hours after nightfall. I can’t imagine how I will be sleeping when the summer months hit. The rest of the night was spent watching the finale of the Norwegian version of Bachelor and a couple episodes of the Heroes TV series, from a bootleg version purchased in Thailand.

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