“This too shall pass”

June 7, 2012 § 2 Comments

Things are getting a little stressful here in the Remme/Slotfeldt household. We’re finalizing some of the logistics of our move to Hungary and meeting some complications. Lånekassen is finally open for applications for student aid for the fall. I haven’t submitted my application yet, since I don’t know which school I will be attending. I’m a little worried (and this is a totally unjustified fear) that for some reason I won’t be eligible for student loans. Christian was able to get a student loan for his year at folkehøyskole in 2009, so I really shouldn’t be worried – but I can’t shake the fear just yet. I’m going to contact them tomorrow, just  make sure that everything is in order.

The second stressful thing has to do with Skjalg’s fulfillment of the general education requirement. He went to an engineering college at a young age and ended up satisfying his general education requirement through something that they call the “23+5” rule. When we first filed our applications in February, he was told that he may not be eligible for two of the schools because they are very unclear about whether or not they accept this rule. When he got into all three schools, we assumed that everything was ok. Skjalg called Semmelweis last week to confirm that his deposit payment had gone through and that his spot was reserved, since he had not yet received a confirmation letter. He was told that they do not send out confirmation letters but rather hand them directly to students during registration in the fall. Knowing that this would be too long to wait for a solid confirmation, Skjalg contacted Wanja at Bjørknes Høyskole (the school sponsoring our applications). She was unfortunately also uncertain about whether or not everything was confirmed. She explained that Semmelweis has been extremely unclear about where they stand on this rule. Now, I expect that there are going to be a lot of adjustments and challenges with this process; moving to a new country is never short of new experiences. I did not, however, expect that these challenges would begin so soon. Skjalg is currently at the translators office getting his transcripts and diploma translated. These are missing the line that Semmelweis tends to look for – the “fulfills all general education requirements” line. As a safety, Wanja is going to contact University of Pecs (the only one that accepts the “23+5” rule, and the one I have already gotten into) and inquire about the possibility that they can reopen a spot to him.

Before Skjalg left for the translators office, a bunch of “worst-case scenarios” popped through our heads. Semmelweis doesn’t accept students that are 30 or older, so this is the last year where he is eligible for acceptance there. If, by some horrible turn of events, he is denied admittance to Semmelweis for lacking their approved methods of fulfilling general education requirements, then he MUST be offered his spot back at Pecs. If this is not possible, then he will need to reapply next year – which means I will be heading to medical school a year ahead of him.

It is so overwhelming to have all of these possible future paths looming over you at the same time, all of which stem from the same source. If I get into Semmelweis, I leave for Budapest at the end of August. If I don’t, I leave for Pecs at the end of July. If Skjalg doesn’t get approved at Semmelweis, he has to get his spot back at Pecs – and if that doesn’t work, he must wait a year to apply again. My decision about which school I go to depends not only on my acceptance letter, but also heavily on Skjalg’s options.

It’s so easy to succumb to the panic; to wallow in the fear of the future. Instead of letting this happen, I am thinking about something my mom always told me when I was living in L.A., struggling to put myself through school while working full-time. She said to me, “this too shall pass”. Simple, and to the point. She explained that there will always be challenges. The things that challenge you now, in this moment, are different than those that will challenge you tomorrow, the day after that, the day after that, and the day after that. All you can do is meet the challenge that is most pressing in this moment, remind yourself that “this too shall pass”, and prepare yourself for the next round. I repeated these words to myself several times today. It’s amazing how four little words can elicit such a sense of calm. You can’t change the past or predict the future, all you can do is function accordingly in the present.

So our little household is currently operating under the, “this too shall pass” motto. Updates coming soon 🙂

Love you mama 😉

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