Semmelweis admission result is in!

June 12, 2012 § 5 Comments

Yesterday I received an email from our contact at Bjørknes that notified all applicants that the results had been sent out by email. It stated that both Pécs and Semmelweis had sent out email alerts and that we should check our spam/trash if we had not yet received an email in our inbox. Skjalg and I spent about 20 minutes trying to find the “spam” folder in my gmail account. We finally decided that I had not received my email and I instead sent an email to College International (essentially the umbrella organization of the schools in Hungary). I expected that the original email from Bjørknes was wrong about Semmelweis sending out emails, since they didn’t do this during the first round.

This morning I checked my email account, not expecting to see anything other than my daily spam. But there it was – a response from College International about the results of my admission. I had to read the first line a second, third and fourth time, just to ensure that the incorrect english wasn’t misleading 😉

Email with result from Semmelweis

This past week, I have been imagining how I would react when I found out the results. I remember how, during my 15-hour study days prior to the exam, I used to picture myself crying with joy at the results. All the hours I spent studying and preparing for the exam will pay off, I told myself. One of my earliest memories is of my mom’s reaction when she found out that she had passed the BAR exam. I remember sitting with her and waiting for the computer to load and how, as soon as her results flashed onto the screen, she broke into tears – tears of happiness, joy, and relief. I wanted to have a similar reaction. But I didn’t. I was excited, I ran in to the bedroom to wake-up Skjalg, I did the mandatory Facebook status update – but it didn’t go any deeper than that. I felt almost a little numb to it, as though it were just another normal, uninteresting step in a long series of steps.

There are a number of different factors that could have contributed to my “light” emotional response. I had just woken up after a night of not sleeping so well, I was in a hurry to get to a doctor’s appointment – honestly, any number of reasons for why one is grumpy in the morning could fit in here. But, after thinking about it more, I realize that it is because there is still no resolve about the future. Skjalg is still waiting on his transcripts to be translated so that he can confirm his acceptance to Semmelweis – and this is what everything is riding on now. I have a foot in each school – everything else is out of my hands. Before this disruption with Skjalg’s admitted status, everything was riding on me and my ability to get into Semmelweis. I didn’t even really notice how all of that “pressure” has shifted to poor Skjalg.

So now I’m just a bundle of mixed emotions. I am excited that I got into Semmelweis and so happy that I still have a reserved spot at Pécs, should I need it. But what I really want, is to know which university I am going to! It’s hard being so happy and so frustrated at the same time.

Skjalg was told that the translation would take 1-2 weeks, which means he should have them no later than next Thursday. After that, I think he is going to need to possibly go over the transcripts with Wanja at Bjørknes, and then contact the school and inquire about his status.

I keep telling myself that this is out of my hands, that this too shall pass, that stressing won’t help anything and that I have done all I can do… I just wish I could actually convince myself of all that 😉

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§ 5 Responses to Semmelweis admission result is in!

  • Antonio says:

    wondeful Bianca! Keep positive. We are all sending good vibes your way – you will prevail in all your wishes.
    grandpa Antonio

  • Buda B says:

    Thank you, Grandpa!

  • Norbert says:

    Hey bianca, first of all i would like to say thanks for creating this blog for all readers and students alike especially me being a propective student hoping to get in the medical field/class come this september 2014. If ok i would like to ask you some questions pertaining to the exams? How much did you prepare[hours in a day]? Where there any particular topics you concentrated on? What was your dress code in the oral interview? I hope you see this comment soon,thanks!

    • Buda B says:

      Hi Norbet!

      It’s my pleasure! We spent so much time looking for any info at all about the school when we applied, so I know how it is.

      I took the exam twice, once in March and once in June. When we found out that we could even apply to med school, we only had two weeks or so before the first entrance exam and that left me little time to prepare my application and study in addition to working full-time. Despite the short notice, Skjalg (my boyfriend) got in the the first try. He had taken some medically related courses, but nothing too serious and he only spent a day or two reviewing basic bio and chem. For my second attempt, I studied here and there for about a month and a half and then for the two weeks prior to the exam, I buckled down and studied for about 10-12 hours every day.

      While studying, I first focused on a vague topic list I’d received from the school in Norway handling my application. They also supplied me with some sample tests so that I could gage my knowledge. In those two weeks before the exam, I got very, very anxious and found that the only way I could study was by watching every biology and chemistry video on Khan Academy. I believe that that is what saved me and helped me pass the exam. I even used the notes that I took during that time for some of my classes during first year.

      When it comes to preparing, it depends a lot on your background. If you are coming straight from school and have studied biology and chemistry, you will be in a much better position than I was (having been out of school for a couple years). I recommend checking out the sample tests to get an idea of how much you need to study. I think I might also have some preparatory guides in my email somewhere, I’ll check and let you know. Didn’t remember them until now!

      Dress code for the oral interview (and all oral exams in Hungary) is suit and tie. Boys usually wear a grey or black suit with a white or blue shirt and tie and girls wear either a dress suit or black suit skirt and white shirt. Better to be too formal than not enough. It will show the examiner a lot of respect and that is very important in Hungarian culture (and most of them are MD, PhD and DSc so they’ve earned it 😉 ).

      Here you can find the topic list and sample tests:

      • Buda B says:

        Found them! Uploaded them to the “Resources Galore” page. You can find them under the entrance exam topic. If you have time to study those, you will be more than prepared. Happy studying!

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