Lists and Registration Week Agenda

June 24, 2012 § 3 Comments

When I’ve got a lot on my mind, I make lists of what I need to do. It helps me organize my thoughts and I stress less knowing that I have it written down somewhere and don’t need to constantly remind myself of it. Plus, it helps me feel like I am in control of the information 😉

Agenda for the week prior to school start

The week before school starts is going to busy enough that we are considering moving down the week before. There are going to be so many challenges orienting ourselves with the city that it will be less stressful if we have had some free time down there before everything begins. I feel nervous just looking at the street names!

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§ 3 Responses to Lists and Registration Week Agenda

  • Antonio says:

    I was scared looking at street name in Frankfurt, and even Norway. Once there you brain will handle it. Hungary has contributed much to science in Hungary and in the US. My Physics teacher at university was Hungarian.

  • Stian says:

    What you SHOULD do is to treat yourself to a new iPhone, get a cheap Hungarian mobile subscription, enter those events into the calendar and add the street names. That way you can easily look it up in the Maps app once you’re there. Also, download Google Earth and create a bunch of Placemarks of interesting and need to know places.
    But you know me – anti analog.

  • Buda B says:

    I would love to….buuuuut that requires that I CAN treat myself to a new iPhone. There’s so much cost associated with the move down there that I’m not sure I can afford anything extra. I’m gonna have to keep it old school. I don’t even have a computer :/

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