Beginning my to do list

July 7, 2012 § 2 Comments

I can feel my mind growing more and more active as I conjure up new things to stress about. I have this innate defense mechanism with which I attempt to predict all incoming challenges and thereby take the necessary steps to prevent them from ever actually happening. Life is challenging. Period. And here I am trying to cheat it. I need to focus on weeding out the things that I can’t change or control now. For example, I shouldn’t be stressing about my first semester exams or where I am going to do my first internship. Part of the fun is allowing yourself the opportunity of being challenged.

So, what can I focus on now? Well, here is a little list of things that I believe are appropriate enough to stress about, no, plan for 😉

  • Health Insurance
  • Register our move to Hungary with the Norwegian government
  • Research the least expensive method of moving
  • Look at apartments
  • Order books for the first semester
  • Write a list of words I use often that I might need to know in Hungarian (time, food, prices etc)
  • Learn about Hungarian history and culture
  • Browse a map of the city, familiarize myself with the districts
  • Google tips for visiting/living in Hungary

Time to get started!


§ 2 Responses to Beginning my to do list

  • Antonio says:

    Don’t worry – be happy! Do not invent future problems – handle the ones that are there. Your conscious mind is not the only one working for you. A greater chunk of your intelligence works for you silently – and more efficiently when you do not stress too much or try to handle too much at the awareness level.
    grandpa Antonio

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