Everything is about to change

July 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

I noticed that I am growing more and more anxious with each passing day. We still have 4-5 weeks before we move to Budapest and I am already having trouble sleeping. There is so much to process and prepare for – and on top of that there is the fact that we are moving away from everything we know. Not only do we have to plan for the move, but we have to enjoy our last weeks here. Our lives are never again going to be the way that we are now. Summers will be spent doing clinical rotations and trying to make as much money as possible to support us through the next school year, Christmas break will be spent studying for finals, and then, when school is over, we will be doctors. We are on the eve of a chapter that will redefine everything we know and everything we are.

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I just have to escape my mind; this usually happens through some seriously unproductive means, like playing Skyrim or watching My Big Fat Royal American Gypsy Wedding. I really enjoyed studying for my entrance exam – I know that sounds crazy. The Khan Academy videos are so fun to watch that you forget that you are learning. Perhaps I could “escape my mind” by watching those instead? Then I would at least be doing something productive.

When we aren’t too overwhelmed to do anything, we spend our time researching details about the move. We have several of the details locked down but there are others that are harder to organize, like renting a moving van. Skjalg has called at least 10 different companies and sent about a dozen emails already. In addition to that, we need to start reducing our material possessions; to evaluate what we really need for the next 6 years and what we should part with. Better to have as little baggage as possible when heading into the unknown… 🙂

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