Everything is back on track!

August 2, 2012 § 1 Comment

On Tuesday night, Skjalg and Christian left for Budapest. I didn’t expect to get so sad when they left. I felt alone, of course, but I was more affected by the fact that this is really happening. Their departure sparked the domino effect. From here on out, everything is going to happen in lightening speed.

The hardest thing for us has been not knowing whether Skjalg will be going to Semmelweis or Pécs. He was able to get all the supplementary documentation, should they be necessary, to present to the admissions office – so he was definitely prepared. His plan was to go first thing Wednesday morning but when he got there he found that they were closed and would only be open today from 10:00-14:00.

I woke up first at around 6:30 and forced myself to sleep until 9:30. I needed the time to pass as quickly as possible, so sleep was the best answer. I distracted myself for an hour. I thought about calling Skjalg several times but knew that it would just make him more nervous. When my phone started ringing at 10:30, my stomach sank. I prepared myself for bad news and slowly grabbed the phone. Skjalg likes to trick me in situations like this. He’ll act all somber but actually have good news. When I answered, I was met with an excited “hey!”on the other end. I didn’t warm up right away, expecting that this was just a twisted way of delivering bad news – but I was gladly wrong. “Everything is OK! I’m in! She said that she’d looked through everything two weeks ago but hasn’t had time to let me know.”

Embarrassingly enough, I got so happy that my eyes started tearing up. This has been such a huge weight on us! And now it’s gone. We are both going to Semmelweis. We are going to be together in the same city! Now we can go back to enjoying the move and stop stressing about the million different possible futures head of us.

Today is a very, very, very good day in the Remme/Slotfeldt household. Thank you for the sent prayers and crossed fingers – they worked!

§ One Response to Everything is back on track!

  • grandpa Antonio says:

    As Obi-Wan Kenobi of Star Wars would say: “The Force will be with you always”.

    Don’t look too far outside yourself.

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