T-minus: 7 days

August 8, 2012 § 7 Comments

Things have sped up significantly. I’ve been thinking about this move almost all day every day for the past three months and here we are, only one week out. I can’t wrap my head around it. I go through the motions of the day, work as much as I can on packing and sorting our things….and then it’s bedtime followed by another day to do the same all over again. I’ve been spending a lot of time getting together with friends and visiting my grandparents – who knows when I will see them all again. I feel so relieved that we did so much ahead of time because I can’t imagine that we would have been able to do, much less remember, everything now. We’ve received our books, finalized all the details of the move, registered for health insurance, and registered with ANSA (Associated Norwegian Students abroad, more info in this post). I think that all that is left to do contact our banks about issuing us student cards (no usage charges) and registering our new address with the Norwegian government.

Since we started early with packing and organizing our things, we won’t really be taking anything with us that we are just going to turn around and throw away there. I keep thinking about the three suitcases I brought with me when I moved to Norway. I left some memorabilia – yearbooks, scrapbooks, and pictures – as well as important papers with my mom, but other than that, everything I owned fit in those three suitcases. And even then, I had things with me that I didn’t really need. It’s amazing how much worth we assign the things in our lives. When faced with the dilemma of throwing something away versus storing it somewhere, the choice is almost always to keep it. I have no doubt that there are anti-hoarders out there somewhere (my mom might very well be one of them – she is the best room cleaner I know ;)) but with the rest of us, it’s almost as though there is some quality of our genetic make-up that makes us want to hold on to things, that prevents us from throwing away something perfectly useable. I’ve caught myself in the midst of this type of dilemma many times during this move.

This single, perfectly white shoelace would fit perfectly in a shoe one day! When the other laces get worn down to grey nothingness…well, when one of them does, since there is only one shoelace. No! It could be a cute headband! Or a retro necklace! Seriously, Bianca, throw it away. You have never switched out your shoelaces and on the chance that you will, one day in the far future, you can go and buy two, so that you can replace the laces in BOTH shoes.

While speaking on Skype with Skjalg this past Saturday night (he was in our new apartment in Budapest), he said:

You know, the weirdest thing about all this is that… I don’t miss anything. I can’t think of one of my material possessions that I miss. This apartment is fully furnished, even to the point where there are cleaning supplies and fresh sheets. We could honestly just bring our clothes and move right in.

The main reason that we are moving down with a moving truck is because of our bed. It’s amazing and we love it, so we’re keeping it. Since we will be driving down to Budapest, we can bring more than we would be able to on the plane. This gives us a chance to bring some of our more personal items: paintings, pictures, decorative things, books, etc. However, we do not want to just bring everything we own. We need really sift through it all and be realistic about each item’s importance in our lives.

So this will be our project for these next few days. Skjalg will be flying back down to Budapest on Saturday to pick up the rental truck. His sister, Kaja, will be joining him for the trip. They will pick-up the truck on Monday and then start the 2-3 day drive up to Oslo. I want to get as much of this move done while Skjalg is here so that I can focus on cleaning the apartment while he is in Budapest. I can’t believe there is only a week left!

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§ 7 Responses to T-minus: 7 days

  • grandpa Antonio says:

    we shall be traveling with you Bianca – very exciting – stay safe

  • Fiorentino says:

    I can foresee in that in a week a new Bianca will be born : Bianca in Hungary. All you need do is observer her being born. just keep your fears and anxieties out of her way, I can see now that Bianca the Communicator is quite mature. I humbly suggest that Hungary will be but the portal to the subject matter: medicine; better yet health. You will have to marry the two. But never forget that first realm of the imagination, wonder and enchantment in which you seem to fit so well.

    • Buda B says:

      Thank you Grandpa 🙂 I’m looking very forward to the changes ahead. I have no doubt that it is going to be an amazing challenge and greatly appreciate that you are along for the ride.

  • grandpa Antonio says:

    We are both starting an important journey of life. For you the road is still new. For me it will be a chance at bringing together all the knowledge and experience of a normal lifetime. I shall be at the outer edges of Amazonia, where I hope to learn if plants do indeed hold for us secrets of health, and visions of new horizons. For each of us it should be a grand experience. Who knows? We may yet come to be collaborators.

  • Fiorentino says:

    As soon as the Lopez grandkids leave I start the process of getting then visa. when I have it I leave without delay. I project arrival in Ecuador November or December

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