Tips from a Hungarian in Oslo

August 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

The Hungarian woman who took over our bookcase was nice enough to send us an email with different tips for Budapest. She lived there for 6 years and promised that she could help us with any questions we should have. I’ve copied her e-mail here and translated the section that was written in Norwegian.

1000 takk for alle!!! Det var såååå snill av deg!! Jeg er så grateful!!

Så her er en list av de beste alternative spots in Budapest. Jeg skrev for en venn 2 uker siden på engelsk. Har du svar om Budapest eller Ungarn? Jeg er hyggli å svar alle sprørsmalet. Budapest er superkult! 6 år av min levet jeg borde der, og jeg kan fortell at denne by er ful av fest, exhibisjoner, flashmobs, gatherings etc.

A thousand thanks for everything!!! It was soooooo nice of you!! I am so grateful!!
So here is list of the best alternative spots in Budapest. I wrote this about two weeks ago for a friend. If you  have any questions about Budapest or Hungary, I would be happy to answer any questions. Budapest is super cool! I’ve spent 6 years of my life there, and I can say that it is a city full of parties, exhibitions, flash mobs, gatherings etc. 

If you wanna go out and discover the vivid nightlife of Budapest, houndreds of possibilities are waiting for you. Forget about fancy touristic restaurants and bars, casinos, popular discotecas. Budapesters never go those places.
If you are adventurous, try the so called ruined-pub stlye places (all of them are in the central):

Instant Bar (former squathouse):
huge place (3 floors) designed in a unique way, usually parties in the basement. No enrance fee.

Pótkulcs: free entry live concerts and nice atmosphere close to Nyugati Pályaudvar. open after 5pm.

Doboz: this is the newest underground bar. I loved it: direction: klauzál utca 10

Szimpla kert – every tourist thinks they are discovering something nontouristy here, but actually there are alltime more foreigners here than in the fancy central bars… High prices and unfriendly bartenders. Still keeps it’s own ruinedpub style. I personally hate it, but tourists tend to like it a lot.

Mélypont: the less touristic of all. It look inside like a hungarian livingroom from the 70’s. Location: 5 minutes on foot from Astoria metrostop. Address: Magyar utca 23. (doesn’t have homepage) open: after 5pm.

Csendes Bár: on the way to Mélypont from Astoria you can take a look at this artistic bar-place: Ferenczy István utca 5 (doesn’t have homepage)

Könyvtár pinceklub: also 2 minutes from Astoria u find this university-gathering bar with free entry concerts and garden-sit-out

THere are a LOT more than these, to see them I found this website very good:
list all the unique venues with detailed descriptions.

As most these places are quite close to each other (walking distance), you can easly visit more in one night. (actually i did pub-crawl for foreigners)

Food: Greens pub (google it for location and openingtime) they have hungarian soups served in Bread rolls, really cheap (2 euros), and really tasty!! Staff speaks english, have english menu also.

Gathering: CouchSurfing meetings are on every tuesday and wednesday, plus there are tons of homedinner parties, clubbing nights, whatevers. The local CS-ers are really active. If you dont have CouchSurfing account I really recommend to register one. Its free, and you are not required to host people, but you can visit all gatherings, which are a lot of fun!!

Have fun! And don’t forget telling me how was it 🙂


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