T-minus: 4 days

August 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

We got home pretty late after the surprise party and ended up going to bed at around 4:00 in the morning. That didn’t stop us from crawling out of bed at 9:00, ready to seize the day. Skjalg and Kaja were going to be leaving for the airport at 18:00, so we didn’t have too much time. Skjalg had a number of things he had to do before his trip. On Friday he had taken care of insurance and tried, to no avail, to reach the car rental company in Budapest to confirm our car reservation. Skjalg has called them possibly 30 times over the past several weeks. When they answer, they either ask him to send another email or to call back when they are back at the office. About two weeks ago he received a detailed rental offer, which he accepted. This was the offer that we were calling to confirm. The first time Skjalg called, no one answered. The second time, a man answered and asked that Skjalg call back later. Skjalg was pretty angry at this point and told him that he would be calling back in half an hour and expected an answer by then. When he called back, the man was at his office, but had odd news. Skjalg repeated the details of our reservation, as stated in the offer we had received from them. The man then proceeded to tell Skjalg that they had no such car, only standard sized cars. Why they sent us an offer for a car that they didn’t have is beyond me.

While Skjalg began the search for a new car rental company, I headed into the kitchen to start packing. He emerged about an hour later and told me that he had found a company that offered a slightly smaller van for a cheaper price. Yet another challenge conquered! I feel like we’ve had so many of these types of challenges that there is no use getting worked up over them. It’s frustrating when it happens, but we are so used to it that it’s almost like we expect things to be difficult. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

Before Skjalg left, he brought up all our landlords things from the storage room in the basement and cleaned Christian’s old room. It’s funny how a few small details can completely transform a room. With the landlord’s furniture, paintings and curtains, it is an entirely new space.

I continued on the kitchen for the rest of the day. I packed up all of our things and kept a couple of paper plates and plastic utensils. I polished and detailed all the dish-ware and utensils that came with the apartment, scrubbed the oven and oven pans, cleaned the dishwasher and all the cabinets. It felt good to get some of the big cleaning tasks out of the way. Since I’m alone here until Wednesday, I’m going to keep it easy and not cook anything. I went to the store and got bran cereal, apples, cottage cheese, and yogurt to hold me over until then.

The clock is ticking and it gets louder with each passing day. Our presence in this place is slowly being washed away and I can’t help but notice that things that were once familiar are now completely foreign. I hate moving, I really do, but I’ll admit that there is a certain charm to redefining what you call home.

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