T-minus: 2 days

August 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

When closing in on an important event, usually one that represents a fork in the road, my body likes to exercise its independence from sleep. I fell asleep around 1:00 last night, thoroughly exhausted after a day of detailing finished rooms and completing packing of the rest. Yet, as the clock struck 5:30, Miss Bianca was out of bed, ready to go. A few minutes of moving around showed me that my body was nowhere near as ready as I was – I must have not lifted enough with my knees yesterday. I grabbed some water, put in some ear plugs, and forced myself to get back into bed. My body needed the rest and I was going to stay there even if I didn’t fall back asleep. I ended up waking up at the more humane hour of 9:30.

The first thing I noticed when I headed out of our bedroom at 9:30 was that the smell was different. I remember the first time I realized that people have an individual smell. I was babysitting a young girl and as she ran into her parents bedroom I was hit by their’s. It’s neither bad nor perfumed, it’s just a smell. I don’t think people can smell their own smells, but I definitely noticed the absence of ours. The apartment smells of lemon and fresh linens now. I think the landlord will like that!

I’ve quarantined the kitchen and Christian’s old bedroom; I want no skin cells, pollen or other summer debris riding in on the breeze and settling on the pristine surfaces. I only use the kitchen to fill the washing buckets, boil hot water, and gain access to soy milk and yogurt in the fridge. I have one big mug that I use for coffee and cereal and in my “food box” I have apples, bananas, raw walnuts, raisins and protein bars. I really recommend this to anyone that wants to clean their kitchen a few days ahead of a move. It’d be easier to get take-out or order pizza, but this is a bit healthier and saves a LOT of money (at least in Oslo).

It’s 10:45 now, which means that Skjalg and Kaja have picked up the van and should be on their way. I’m eager to hear how things are going, but want to give them a bit more time before I start harassing them. I still can’t believe that all of this is happening. We started planning this a couple of months ago and then it seemed SO far away. As we were planning, I felt no connection to the tasks we were writing down. I couldn’t relate to the process. And now everything is just… happening, whether we want it to or not. It makes me really appreciate the power we have in our lives. You really can do anything as long as you map out the steps to make it happen. It’s like pushing a barrel up a hill: you put in all the work getting it to the top, but once it’s there, it rolls down the other side all on its own. It gives me a new appreciation for the term “setting things into motion”.

Alright B, quit slackin’ and get to work 😉


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