T-minus: 1 day

August 14, 2012 § 1 Comment

I just got off the phone with Skjalg. They have finally entered Norway, which means they will be in Oslo in about an hour. The distance they have covered in such a short amount of time is amazing. Kaja was good about texting me when they hit major cities to help me follow along with their trip.

In accordance with Kaja’s texts, here is the breakdown of their trip:

  • Yesterday, 16:21: We’re making headway. We’ve arrived in Prague 🙂
  • Yesterday, 22:08: We are about 90 km outside of Hannover, Germany, and we’ll stay there for the night. Has gone well so far 🙂
  • Today, 00:04: Hey, can you find a 24-hour hotel in Hamburg?
  • Today, 15:09: 90 km to Copenhagen 🙂
  • Today, 16:10: Malmø!!! 🙂
  • Today, 19:54: home soon… 😛 Gothenburg 🙂

Last night it took them about 2 hours to find a place to sleep. Almost every place was closed for the night and after a few more desperate attempts, Kaja asked me to look up hotels with 24-hour reception desks. I found a couple in Hamburg, Germany (the closest major city) and texted them the addresses. When Skjalg tried plotting them in however, his GPS started malfunctioning. He was getting understandably frustrated – driving 10 hours straight and then spending 2 hours trying to find a place to stay, in the dark and in a foreign country, would frustrate anyone. They eventually found a spot that was a bit more expensive but had breakfast included in the fee.

Skjalg and Kaja: Trip from Budapest to Oslo

Skjalg and Kaja: Trip from Budapest to Oslo

Today was more of a social day than a productive cleaning day for me. I did a couple last loads of laundry (cleaning the dryer is NOT going to be fun) and packed up some leftover items that I have simply tossed into the bedroom over the past few day. At 13:30 I had one last doctor’s appointment and afterwards headed into work to say goodbye to my coworkers. I had plans to meet my friend Stian for coffee at around 16:00, but as he was running late, I sat and wrote a few goodbye notes to friends. Everything feels so foreign now. Stian has been following my blog and, when he arrived at my apartment, made comments about how our smell was gone and how clean everything was 🙂 From here on out, it is all just …waiting, cleaning a little, and spending some last quality moments with friends. I really can’t believe how fast time has gone!

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