T-minus: 0

August 15, 2012 § 1 Comment

I slept horribly last night. I kept thinking about our move and all the possible things that could go wrong – definitely the right way to coax yourself into a cozy slumber. When I woke up at 8:30, I felt like this:

Skjalg arrived late last night, around 23:00. He picked me up on the corner so that I could join him in finding parking. He was exhausted, it was dark, and I have never driven in Oslo, so we were quite the team. We found a parking lot down the street from our apartment but when we went to pay, we saw that it would cost 900,- ($150) to park it for the 30 hours that it would need to be there. We’re trying to be as smart as we can with this move, so we decided that it would be better to look for free parking somewhere. It wasn’t easy, first finding a street that allowed free parking and then one of those streets that actually had a space big enough for us. When we finally found a spot about 10 minutes from our place, we were skeptical. We scoured for hidden parking signs and checked the dashboards of the other cars parked on the street. Once satisfied, we headed home.

I started this morning by heading to the grocery store to get food for our road trip. It’s so easy to eat unhealthy foods when traveling by car and can also be very, very expensive – especially when traveling through Scandinavia. We have several food coolers that we purchased in the states that will be perfect for the drive. I figure we could bring whole grain bread, meat, cheese, cucumber and tomato for sandwiches, as well as fruit, cottage cheese, yogurt and mager kesam (which we don’t have in the states, as far as I know…it is like a lower fat/higher protein yogurt). I have a cooler made by 6 pack bags that will keep our food cold for up to two days. If I have time today, I may even grill some of the chicken we have left. We’re only going to be driving for 2-3 days, so I don’t need to go too crazy, but it will be nice to have options on the road.

Now it’s just loading the truck and cleaning ahead of us. Several of our friends are stopping by throughout the day to say goodbye. I’ve said it many time before, but I have to say it again: I can’t believe this is happening!

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