For Students: First Semester Books

September 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here are the books we have purchased for the first semester:



Why? We like the layout and the text. It is easy to read and the text is broken up so it is easy to stay focused.


We have both Netter and Rohan (or Yokochi, as people seem to know it). It’s not necessary to have both, but I think we will benefit from having one with actual photographs and one with drawings. Graphical illustrations have always helped me to better understand things.

Why? Great graphical illustrations.

Why? Real photographs of dissections. Will definitely prepare us for the real thing.


The Thieme pocket books. One student told me that Vol. 1 contained pretty much all he needed to get through the first semester.

Netter’s flashcards


Why? Liked the organization of the book and the format of the text.


Why? Images of real cases. Also more of a compact version than the full textbooks (sufficient for the first semester).

Medical Chemistry

Why? First semester covers more general chemistry, so this book is perfect. I used Zumdahl when I was studying in the states and really liked his textbooks.


These ones we are a little unsure of. We don’t have all of them and are expecting to find out more once classes start.


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