Hello, entrance exam examiner…we meet again.

September 19, 2012 § 1 Comment

My second entrance exam back in June was quite brutal, to say the least. While scouring the university webpages for lecture slides and other helpful info, I came across the profile of the head of the anatomy department. “He looks oddly familiar..,” I thought to myself. “He was probably one of the people we were introduced to on Freshman Day or another one of the school functions.” Fast-forward to our anatomy lecture today. There we were, sitting in the middle front row and prepping for our lecture on the cranium. A buzzer rang to signal the beginning of class and we all rose to greet the lecturer – Dr. Csillag András himself. “That’s the head of the anatomy department!” I whispered to Skjalg.

He was probably the best lecturer we have had so far. He wrote most of the difficult words up on the board, spoke slowly and clearly, and engaged us with fun side stories and connecting points (rather than inaudibly present 50 packed slides in a 45 minute lecture). Though I was enjoying the lecture, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had met him before. I told Skjalg that I was almost 100% sure that he had been my interviewer  at my second entrance exam. I then sat and debated with myself for the remainder of the lecture. Unable to let it go, I jumped up after our applause and raced to the front to find out if I was right. 

“Excuse me, professor?”


“Hi. I was wondering if you were perhaps in Oslo, Norway for the entrance exams in June?”

“Yes,” he smiled, “I was there.”

“I thought so. It’s nice to meet you again,” I extended my hand to him, “My name is Bianca. You were my interviewer.”

He hesitated and motioned that he wanted to shake my hand but that it was dirty from the bones handled during the lecture. I said it was fine and shook his hand anyway.

“I just wanted to say hello and thank you for the lecture and for putting in a good word on my behalf. I’m here now!” I smiled.

“You are welcome. I hope that, if we meet again in the exam room, that we have the same outcome that we had last time.”

If I do get him as my examiner, it will be interesting to compare his examination techniques. I still can’t believe that my entrance exam interview was with the head of anatomy for the university…talk about pressure!


Our lecture on the cranium included an intro of the skull and its different parts and then a closer look at the sphenoid and ethmoid bones (there are 29 total bones in the skull). This was covered within a 45 minute lecture.




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  • afiore says:

    It is a small world Bianca! Thank your American open and proactive habit that allowed you to do it. Most Europeans would be reluctant to approach a professor. There is still that class and position thing hanging around.

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