Where’s a doctor when you need one?

September 20, 2012 § 2 Comments

My throat started getting sore almost immediately after stepping foot in the apartment after school yesterday. I had planned on staying at school until 18 so that I could study bones in the anatomy museum, but felt too light-headed after my medical latin terminology class. We’ve been pushing ourselves every day: waking up early to study, going to school, and then coming home to study some more. It only makes sense that pushing oneself too hard results in some less than satisfactory consequences. Skjalg had class until 20, so I sat down to work on my lab for medical physics. Our lab this week is “Optics of the Eye” and we are required to write our lab reports before class and then supplement it with the data, calculations, and conclusion after the experiment is complete. What should have taken me only an hour or two ended up taking over four hours. I’m not sure whether it was because I am sick or because the English in the lab manual doesn’t make sense. I watched four videos online about the eye and managed to write a page and a half about the theory, but got totally thrown off when I got to the calculations section:

The formation of the image by refraction at a spherical surface separating two media with different indices of refraction results following equations in both cases: D= n/o + n’/i.

Even now, I have no clue what they are trying to say here. I know it has something to do with how the light rays reflecting off of objects we are looking at are refracted at the lens’ in our eyes…and then something something different distances. It’s hard enough going to med school in the first place without having to guess what the professors are trying to communicate to you. I should honestly just be happy that I can speak English good well 😉 There are plenty of students here that are struggling with even basic level English. I can’t imagine what this is like for them…

My sore throat kept me up all night. Breathing dries it out, making it more sore and more painful. I drank water steadily through the night to keep my throat moist, which granted me enough relief to sleep for 20 minutes or so before I needed to go to the bathroom or take another sip. I was such a zombie this morning that Skjalg convinced me to stay home. Luckily, today is just lectures (which they don’t take attendance for) and Skjalg and I share all of them. Fridays are the heaviest day of the week, so I need to get better by tomorrow morning:

  • Friday Schedule
    • 8:00-9:30: Histology Lab
    • 9:40-11:10: Biostatistics Lab
    • 11:20-12:30: Biophysics Lab
    • 14:00-16:40: Medical Chemistry Lab

So today will just be drinking a lot of fluids and studying. My throat is too dry for me to sleep, so I may have to venture out for some cough drops later. Wish me luck!

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