Open Season: Midterm Edition

October 9, 2012 § 1 Comment

It’s been a crazy, crazy 5 days since I last checked in. Friday was yet another tough lab day, though slightly more tolerable than that before it. The best part of the that day, nay, that week, was actually when our professor for medical chemistry agreed to move our midterm to the week following our anatomy midterm. This is our new midterm schedule:

There really is no end to the midterm “season”. Once the last midterm of the first round ends, the first of the second begins. In most of our classes, we will have a total of 3 midterms before the final exam. If do well on our midterms, our cumulative score may exempt us from the semi-final.

Both Saturday and Sunday consisted of getting up at 7:00, doing necessary chores, and then sitting to study either at home, the National library, the 24-hour library for Semmelweis students or at the café located near our gym. On Sunday Skjalg and I headed to the gym around 11:00 and got in a good workout before studying at the café. It’s hard to work in time for yourself when there is so much to be done. I’m sure we will get better about it as the weeks go by. Right now is all about finding what works best and adjusting when it doesn’t.

Yesterday and today were hell days. My friend Rina and I spent almost every free minute in the 24-hour library, taking advantage of the plastic skeleton they have there. At times like these when all the different faculties have their midterms it is almost impossible to get any time with the bones. The anatomy museum has a capacity of 50 and the extra sessions they have organized in the anatomy dissection rooms only provide access to 2 or 3 skulls. When you have possibly 1000 first-year medical students between the Hungarian, English, and German programs fighting for access to 50 seats or 3 skulls, the chances are understandably minimal.

This afternoon we had our Hungarian midterm. I have been operating under the belief that active participation and focus during class would be sufficient enough cover the necessary content for the exam. I do my best to speak the little Hungarian that I can when I am out in the city and will sometimes listen to a Hungarian language CD while cooking and just repeat what is being said. I spent about an hour before the exam reviewing the topics covered in the past 5 weeks and glancing at the sample exams in the back. On a quick bathroom trip before the exam, I passed the following post on a student cork board. I tore off “luck” and shared it with the rest of my group on the way in to the exam.

The Hungarian exam was easier than I could have imagined. It was plain and simply the topics that we have covered. As long as I continue to work hard in class and exercise my basic Hungarian in daily life, I think that I will be covered in terms of preparation for that class. But we’ll see 😉

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