One year ago…

October 12, 2012 § 2 Comments

I don’t know how it is possible, but things are getting even crazier here. All the classes are taking off and I can’t imagine how I am going to keep up with them all. I’ll just have to do my best.

Today in physics we did a lab about special kinds of microscopes. While going through the theory part of the lab, I realized that I recognized the subject matter from when I took physics in Norway. Now, my brain is in no way physics friendly, so taking it in another language than English seemed like such a hopeless idea at the time. But with some hard work and a lot of studying, it actually went really well. As with all of our classes, the information in today’s physics lab hit us like a tornado, leaving us confused and directionless. In order to help me understand the notes I took today, I decided to pull out my old physics notes and was met with a fun surprise: exactly one year ago, I was studying the exact same topic! It’s amazing to think about how much has happened during that time. Sitting there in the classroom that day, I had no idea that in one year’s time I would be in the middle of my first midterm season of my first year of medical school. Since then I have flown around the world, visited Hong Kong and California, taken my first ever verbal physics exam in a foreign language, applied and been accepted to medical school, driven through Europe, moved to Budapest and of course – started medical school. Simply, amazing.

What a difference a year makes (or not at all ;))

From 2011…


….to 2012.


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