A quick check-in

November 12, 2012 § 2 Comments

It’s early in the morning after a short and less than satisfying one-day weekend. Skjalg and I were miserably tired last night so we settled on watching a movie and heading to bed early with plans on waking up early to be at the library by 7:00. Things are getting pretty hectic here, especially as we head into another round of midterms. This round will be quite brutal as it lasts all the way up to finals and requires that we have 1-3 midterms a week until then. I really don’t know why it is called a midterm when it doesn’t actually take place mid term. I think I would rather it be called something like examination, though I would probably dislike it to the same degree.

Saturday was a full day of class to make up for the long weekend the week before. Afterwards it was home to recuperate and prepare the house for Skjalg’s poker night with the guys from his group. I myself headed out to a dinner with my group. I would detail more of the experience myself, but my friend Charlotte shares a perfect account of the evening inΒ her own blog post.

This week’s midterm is histology – which I am nowhere near prepared for. In fact, I don’t feel prepared for any of my classes, something which seems quite unfair considering that I do nothing but study. I’m sure I will start feeling better once I am partially into this little midterm exam period. For now I will just have to accept the anxiety and lack of sleep.

Study, study, study, study!

Shot from inside Instant – a ruin pub here in Budapest


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