Hi! Bye!

December 3, 2012 § 2 Comments

Sparing a few minutes of the chaos of the day to do a quick check-in – and I mean quick!

We are 4 midterms down and I have two more this week. We’ve been joking around about how midterm doesn’t actually mean “mid-term” here, since we’ve had at least one exam every week since the 5th week of school.

Anatomy and physics last week went surprisingly well – way better than I ever could have expected. In the anatomy exam, I was asked several things that I knew quite well and for physics I was able to pull out some last-minute knowledge to answer the 25-point question. The hard-work has paid off, as I am now exempt from the practical/dissection portion of the anatomy exam as well as the written portion of the physics exam. I don’t feel any less stressed about finals though…which is a bummer.

I’m waiting on the results from the biostatistics and Hungarian midterms. I’m pretty sure biostatistics went well. As for Hungarian, I will be lucky if I pass. The exam was much harder than I expected and I didn’t give it enough study time – not at all! (Update [Dec. 10] – ended up getting a 4 shockingly enough. How I managed that, I have no clue! She didn’t take off a ton of points for accent mistakes, which saved me.)

I have medical Latin terminology on Wednesday but am hoping to take it tomorrow morning instead (along with Skjalg’s group). This will give me a little bit more time to prepare for our medical chemistry midterm on Friday.

Ok! Off to bed with a stack of Latin flashcards. Goodnight, blog world!

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