Snowy Night

December 5, 2012 § 4 Comments

Snow has finally hit Budapest and looks like it might be here to stay – on the roof tops at least. Until yesterday, I never thought I would find myself grateful for the freezing winters I endured in Oslo. Walking through the cold with my thick, knee-length winter jacket, I appreciated for the first time that this California girl has learned how to dress in the winter. I recall a time while living in Santa Monica where my friend Faye tried in earnest to explain to me the warming capacities of wool, as I sat there in my skirt, uggs and thin jacket. Faye grew up in New York, so she knew a thing or two about winter warmth. Although, I would argue that LA experiences nowhere near any sort of winter when compared to everywhere else I’ve lived. When we visited for Christmas two years ago, much of our time was spent laying out by the pool and soaking up the sun.

I tried to snap a picture of the snow. I’m sure I could get a better shot if I ventured somewhere other than the path of home-school and school-home. I realized the other day that I haven’t seen the river for almost 3 months – and we live only a 10 minute walk away from it. At this rate, I’ll leave Budapest with no other knowledge of it than how to get to school.

first snowfall

Snow in the courtyard!

If anything, I am happy that we are here and not in Oslo right now. I keep reading statuses from friends there about how bitter cold it is outside and saw this when I checked the weather last night. Real feel of -21 °C? No, thanks! I like my fingers just where they are thank you very much.

oslo weather

Ok, enough procrastinating. Actually…speaking of procrastinating, Skjalg was fighting with a tough bout of it last night. As I sat working on my physics lab report, I heard him start saying phrases in French and Italian. He spent a good 10 minutes showering me with various phrases and translations. It’s not the least productive form of procrastination possible, but definitely won’t help you write a lab report 😉

Annnnddddd now I need to go. Have to leave for anatomy lab in about an hour and still have 50 or so Latin words that need to burn themselves into my short-term memory. Sona si Latine loqueris!

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