Monkey Mind

December 25, 2012 § 3 Comments

Panic is starting to settle in and I’m keeping busy trying to fight it away. We tore ourselves away from our books to get some fresh air and witness the streets on Christmas night. I brought the camera along, of course.

Christmas street Red tree DarkMusicalStreet
We have found we are most effective with 1 hour on followed by a 10-15 minute break and I am using this round’s break to share a comment my dear Grandpa left on a previous post about stress during finals. My friend and group-mate Charlotte commented that between him and my mom, I’ve got one wise family – and that I do!

That said, here is what my Grandpa wrote. You can bet I will be repeating these words to myself over the next few days, if not weeks (or years). Love you, Grandpa. Merry Christmas!

Train conductor to passengers: This train is moving to its destination and it will get there in time with or without you. It stops so you can quickly be supplied with the necessaries for the next stage of the journey. You are told your basic needs. You need only reach through an open window to get or buy what you need. If you insist on getting off the train and wander off into the forest to see the how and wherefrom of your supplies, you will sooner or later miss this train. If your compulsion is for certainties, micro-knowledge of everything you see, then you should have taken some other train.

Lead duck to new ducklings: Guys this is a mapping and not a sightseeing journey. I shall show you how to fly from the winter landscape of your birth to the summer ponds of the South. Pay close attention and you will be able to replicate this journey for as many years as the gods give you life. We shall be cruising short of a mile high- this will provide optimal landmarks for mapping. Don’t go diving down for detail that will be of no use to you. Looking for that tree you shall surely miss the entire forest.

Professor to medical students: Every page of any book you study today is being changed daily by thousands of experiments, clinical studies and research papers. The material on the page was already old when it came off the printint press. Much of what you learn in medical school will be amended, debunked or forgotten by time you get to practice medicine. Learn the process – do not get mired in the detritus of short-lived detail. Your goal is to graduate within a set period of months. You need to stay trim and mean, with eyes and mind focussed on that goal – do not allow flights of your monkey mind lead you into dead-end side trips.

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