Snow’s here and we ain’t got no heat

January 10, 2013 § 2 Comments

Well, technically now we do. Our hot water heater went out on Tuesday night and a guy came to fix it yesterday morning. Everything was back to cozy when all of a sudden it went out again. It was too late for someone to come fix it, so he came back this morning. Apparently, the fuze has been blowing out once it reaches a maximum heat and he adjusted it so that it goes 2 degrees above the minimum. Yes, 2 degrees above the minimum. When the technician left he said that he hoped it would hold and that we should call if anything goes wrong again.

We’ve heard a lot of “horror” stories about how difficult it is dealing with apartment issues like this in Budapest, but we’ve been really lucky in our experiences so far. Everyone we’ve spoken to speaks a decent amount of English and are very polite and friendly. The best thing for us has been their response time. After our first call, we had a technician at our place within 1-2 hours and when we called this morning, he was here within the hour.

Hopefully we will be able to heat up this place with the heater set on such a low level. The snow is here and it seems like it might actually stay around this time. After living in Oslo for 3 years, it feels weird for there to be no snow yet.

In the meantime, we have been heating the apartment with tons of candles. It adds a little coziness to the study cave. In case you weren’t sick of the candle pictures, here’s some more! It’s pretty much all we look at all day…and this blog is documenting our experiences, so I guess it’s appropriate.

Candles 1 Candles 2 candles 3

Here’s a shot of the creepy, unfinished building across the way from us. In the 4/5 months that we have lived here, we haven’t seen any life over there. I can imagine that it will be quite beautiful when it is done, especially if they fill the courtyard with plants. Until then I will just continue to enjoy the post-apocalyptic feel I get gazing out the window on that side of the apartment.

creepy building snow

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