My Family’s First Visit to Budapest

January 28, 2013 § 5 Comments

I’ve had an amazing week with my family, even though the time flew by too quickly. My mom and I had a couple days together before the arrival of my Aunt Aida from England. Two days after her arrival, Christian joined us from Pécs. Poor Skjalg had 3 exams last week – all of which he passed! – so he wasn’t able to join us until Friday.

We spent our time catching up, drinking red wine and visiting amazing restaurants. It felt so foreign to me to have so much free time. I still have a week left of break before school starts again, but I will be filling the time with more productive tasks. Once the new semester starts next Monday, I can’t imagine there will be time for much else.

Here’s a little bit of what the past week looked like:

guest roomAll set-up and ready for my mom’s first night in Budapest

New York Cafe building Sunday morning breakfast at New York Café

new york cafeNew York Cafe 2New York Cafe 3The beautiful New York Café

my mama 2Dinner with my beautiful mama at La Cucina on Vaci utca

gerbaud mamaCoffee break at Café Gerbaud

mama tapasAmazing tapas dinner at Pata Negra at Kalvin ter

mom and aidaVisiting the Central Market

fruit veggie stall central market Meat case My mama

For Sale 2Lunch at For Sale – located across the street from the Central Market

Mama and Aida

Aida's Side saladThe portions at For Sale were beyond huge. We split 1 order of soup between the three of us and Aida ordered a main course. When it arrived, we were shocked to see the size of her “side” salad. Definitely a spot for sharing!

For Sale ceilingThere are thousands of notes from previous guests pinned to the walls and ceilings

our noteOur addition to the notes

For SaleSuch a cozy little spot

winter stopIt was a cold winter day, so we tried to spend as much time indoors as possible

Vaci utcaWe braved the cold and walked down Vaci utca, from the Central Market to Vörösmarty Square

palaceAfter a round of shopping on Vaci Utca, we walked along the Danube promenade, on our way to see the parliament building

palace and chain bridgeBuda Palace and the Chain Bridge

Basilica street viewWalking up to St. Stephen’s Basilica

Inside basilicaInside the basilica for the first time. It felt so wrong to take a picture with all the people praying in there, even though the guard said it was ok. This picture doesn’t do it justice.

S and CDropping Christian off at the train station before his trip back to Pécs


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§ 5 Responses to My Family’s First Visit to Budapest

  • Charkie says:

    lovely photos! so that’s the salad you mentioned! glad you were able to enjoy some intensive family time 🙂

    • Buda B says:

      Thanks! To much time has gone by to write everything we did down, so I hope the pictures are enough 😉 Yes that’s the salad! A little overboard in my opinion…but if it is to get people talking, then it worked!

  • Aida Makonnen Lopez says:

    Such a wonderful reminder of an amazing visit! Can’t wait to come back again. Andre wants to come with me next time. He has lots of medical questions to ask you. For example, what is the strongest and weakest part of the skull. Be prepared. It will be like being in an oral exam.

    • Buda B says:

      It was such a wonderful visit! So glad that you had a good time 🙂 Wow! Looking forward to Andre’s questions – and hoping that I will be able to answer all of them. I promise to do my best!

      As for his questions about the skull:

      The strongest part – the frontal bone, the part of the skull that soccer players bounce the ball off of.

      The weakest part – is the pterion, which is meeting point between four bones (parietal, temporal, sphenoid, and frontal) . There is a major artery that passes under this part, so it is dangerous if the skull gets injured there. The name comes from the Greek word for wing – pteron. In Greek mythology, the messenger of the gods, Hermes, was able to fly because of wings attached at this part of the skull.

      There is also a really thin part on the inside of the orbit (the cavity containing the eye). If you can imagine holding the space between your eyes with the thumb and forefinger of one hand, then you would be pinching the orbital plate of the ethmoid bone on either side. This surface is so thin that it is called the lamina papyracea – which means paper-like plate. In anatomy class, we had to be careful to not hold the skull there, because our fingers would otherwise break through.

  • Antonio Fiorentino says:

    Actually time with mom and auntie is more than very productive time – it is absolutely necessary time to keep the emotional soul healthy and happy. And there will be visible and invisible payoff across your life. Of course we all wish we had been there – in spite of the cold. Christian seems to bear the cold quite well. What a caffe place! And what a salad spread! One day you will have to tell me your experiences with Hungarian goulash. Love gpa Antonio

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