Date Night

January 31, 2013 § 5 Comments

The countdown to second semester has begun and we’re doing our best to enjoy the free time while we have it – especially because there won’t be any for a long time once school starts up again next week.

Yesterday Skjalg and I headed out for a walk in the Buda Hills, with a goal of reaching the top of Gillert hill. We didn’t make it that far, mainly because it was too slippery for my California-trained legs. At one point, Skjalg brought up that he takes being “born on skis” for granted. I felt a little jealous then, but at the same time I was thankful that I have a competent snow-covered-path-conquerer by my side.

Castle view

Skjalg view

After our walk, Skjalg suggested that we continue our “date” with a movie at the VIP theater at Arena Plaza. For about 80 nok ($15) you have access to unlimited refreshments in the VIP “lounge” and get to sit in large, cushy recliners, similar to these.

The refreshment area was packed with a group of young Hungarian men that formed an almost unbroken ring of snack-seekers: traveling from their seats to the counter and then to their seats to drop off the newly acquired snacks – hardly stopping before heading back to the counter again. As three of them ordered, three more turned up behind them – it was like fighting through a pack of wolves to get through them. We were shy with our order at first, ordering only 2 drinks and 2 small cartons of popcorn. The tables of the Hungarians boys around us were completely filled with drinks, nachos and other snacks. Two sitting next to us each had 4 drinks, 3 portions of nachos and a plate with cookies in front of them. When Skjalg returned for a second round of drinks and a single carton of popcorn to bring into the theater, the server quizzically asked “only one?”. I guess mild-gluttony is expected there….

Skjalg VIP


We ended up seeing Denzel Washington’s new movie “Flight”. It was more drama than action so I didn’t quite enjoy it as much. Luckily, the sheer amazingness of everything else made up for it.

The semester is fast approaching and we are holding on to each precious moment as tightly as we can. While there may be some movie nights in the coming months, we won’t have that same “I don’t HAVE to do anything right now” feeling that we have now.

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§ 5 Responses to Date Night

  • beautiful scenery – I will visit Budapest in September and look forward to these amazing views

  • Aida says:

    Such a beautiful city.

  • gpa Fiorentino says:

    Here in Ecuador I am jealous of the indigenous Andean people. I watch them run down the stony path that makes up the last few yards to our house. Like the mules and horses that share our countryside paths, they seem to feel instinctively how to run down the steepest hills. It has taken me a couple of months to get over the fear of dislocating an ankle or fracturing a leg. Living at high altitudes, with steep slopes to deep valleys has evolved a smalllish people, vey light built, short legs – quite well adapted for Andean life.

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