Safe and “Sound”

February 11, 2013 § 3 Comments

I’ll warn you now that this post really has nothing to do with the common saying I chose as its title. I’m sitting and watching a video on sound in preparation for my biophysics lecture tomorrow and just wanted to give “sound” a little shout out. At the moment, I am covering a section on “piezoelectricity – piezoelectric and inverse piezoelectric effect, electrostriction, and magnetostriction”. Hence, my being here.

It’s been almost a week since my last post. I don’t have a set “blog” day, but I try to post a couple times a week. I just came across a cache of photos spanning the past three years of my life so I am currently very thankful for documented memories – and this blog is a big one! I have a half written post from last week that I will post soon enough. Hopefully you won’t mind the backdate.

Here is one of my favorite photos of Skjalg and I, from when he took me up to his hometown in Northern Norway for my birthday. He and I had been dating for only a couple months and I had just turned 22.


Otherwise things here are going well. Skjalg and I are studying non-stop, trying to stay ahead of the rush of information. Christian came up to visit for the weekend and joined us for a two-day study marathon. I feel so lucky that we are only a train ride away from each other. It is really interesting to hear about the differences between the schools and compare our materials (C is at University of Pécs). I’d like to say that we did something exciting this weekend, but it was literally just studying from when we woke up until we went to bed. There were of course some breaks to catch up or work on some inside jokes.

C studying

Spring has been pushed back quite a bit and the city has been blanketed with a fresh coat of snow. It really is beautiful when everything is covered with fresh, white powder, especially when compared to the brown, grey mess that’s left behind in the days following.

Snow school

Alright, break time is over! Back to piezoelectricity I go…

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§ 3 Responses to Safe and “Sound”

  • gpa Fiorentino says:

    wonderful to see Christian and see that he was out to see you. Don.t worry about not posting. I only try to post to other every 30 days now
    gpa Antonio

  • Charkie says:

    Love the pictures! I took one of the anatomy building view too since it is so pretty in that courtyard area! (Though mine did not come out as nice as yours:) ). It looks like you made Christian pose for a “studious picture” 😛

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