Playing tag with spring…

March 27, 2013 § 4 Comments

….and winter is winning.

My first winter in Budapest was surprisingly easy to endure (granted we were holed up inside our apartment studying the whole time). There was little snow in the middle of the city and the most difficult thing we had to deal with was a brisk wind. For the past month or so, everyone has been telling us that “spring is coming!” or even a premature “spring is here!”. We were even graced with four rounds of this Hungarian folk song about the coming of spring, sung to us by our Hungarian teacher:

This week we found out: everyone is lying! We’ve had two separate arrivals of visitors that have been accompanied by equally separate instances of snowfall. The snow from last week’s snow storm melted within a couple of days and our winter jackets were replaced with our spring jackets once again. Then, suddenly, more snow. And a lot of it. It has been snowing non-stop for the past two or so days. So much for a “spring” break.



Skjalg’s mom, step-dad, and sister arrived on Monday. So far we have taken them to two of our favorite restaurants in Budapest (Spiler and Cactus Juice) and tonight the “kids” and Martha, a friend from my group, will be heading to the VIP theater. They have been so understanding of us needing to take time to study, which takes a lot of the pressure off of us. Yesterday and today we attended the histology consultations at school. I had originally thought that the consultations were on Monday and Tuesday this week, but it turned out they were Tuesday and Wednesday (which was lucky because we ended up staying home on Monday to get the apartment ready). Tomorrow is their last day in town so we will leave the day open to spend time with them and then close out the evening with dinner at Sir Lancelot.

In other news, my computer has died 😦 We will try to take it in to the apple retail store here and see if they can fix it, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. I bought it used just last summer and was hoping that it would last me through school…I guess one and a half semesters will do. Luckily I have my iPad – though it will take some time to adjust (for example, me writing this blog post using the wordpress app and accidentally publishing it before I had finished it).

Getting familiar with using apps instead of my computer: Notability


Messaging with my mama before bed and noticed the “location” icon. Pressed it and could see just how far away my mama is!

Multi-tasking on Skjalg’s family’s first night here. His mom and step-dad hung out at the hotel, so we stayed in an ordered food from Thai Wok, sipped some bubbles, and watched The Other Guys. Since I’d seen it before, I used the time to catch up on some anatomy drawings.


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