No computer + no internet = no blog posts

April 11, 2013 § 3 Comments

Right now I am hooked up to the internet using Skjalg’s phone – and my time is limited. These busy med students forgot to pay their internet bill (-_-) and as a consequence they shut off our internet and cancelled our subscription. A bit harsh of a reaction, considering we have never been late before and have a contract with them…but what can you do? Rather than simply turning our internet back on, we have been told that they “no longer offer that service” and we have to install their new system and pay a higher fee. So, we are without internet for another week or so.

We took my computer in to get fixed and found out it will be around 100,000 HUF (about 2700 nok or $500). I freaked out a little bit when I found out, but Skjalg reassured me that that is much cheaper than we would have had to pay in Norway (about 6 times cheaper) and that it is cheaper than buying a new computer. I’m hoping I will get it back soon!

Other than that it has been study, study, study! We had our histology midterm this past Monday. I didn’t do as well as I would have liked, but I trust my knowledge. We have 40 seconds to look at a slide and either identify what organ it is from or what structure the pointer is pointing at. There were only 20 slides, so it didn’t leave a lot of room for error. My mistakes were silly, for example, “white pulp” instead of “PALS” (a structure of white pulp in the spleen) and interlobular duct instead of striated duct (a sort of intralobular duct). Almost everyone else got that last one wrong, which seemed a little unfair because the duct was surrounded by a great deal of connective tissue, thereby making it a tricky guess for only 40 seconds. It looked almost the same as the interlobular duct marked in the photo below.

ducthisto spleenhisto

I’ve taken some not-so-very-exciting pictures over the week that I will post when I get the chance. Now it’s off to bed! Tomorrow morning we have back to back lectures on the trachea, lung and development of the respiratory system. After that it is Hungarian and then anatomy lab, followed by (hopefully) a wonderful Friday afternoon and night in the library.

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