She’s alive!

April 28, 2013 § 3 Comments

I can’t even begin to describe how much I have missed blogging! Being the nostalgic creatures we are, we hold on to tangible forms of memories – a grandfather’s watch, an old family photo, a dried flower, or even a perfectly round stone found on a walk with a loved one. We assign a meaning to this once not-so-important object. We channel the power of the memory into it, trusting that, when called upon on the future, this object will rechannel the memory back us, all details and emotions in tact.

I’m always fascinated by how powerful memories are when our senses our stimulated by specific triggers. When I smell the perfume I wore during my summer studying in Spain, I am immediately brought back to that 15-year old me, wandering the alleys of Salamanca in my off-shoulder Spanish blouse, searching for the source of the flamenco music traveling on the breeze.

We are experiencing a total redefinition of our lives, everything we know about ourselves is changing, and my blog is the best evidence of that. I have my computer back (thankfully!) and now we are just waiting on internet. They will be over to reinstall a new system on Thursday – so expect a new blog post then!

I would love to write more about how things are going now…but all I can really say is that they have gone from stressful to crazy. These past couple weeks have been filled with way too many late nights, a physics midterm and anatomy midterm on the internal organs, and a cold that landed me in bed for two days straight. After sleeping almost 35-40 hours in those two days, I’m back on my feet and ready (possibly) to conquer what lies ahead. Today wasn’t as productive as I would have liked it to be…but in such instances, it is always best for me to lay out what I have gotten accomplished (that way I can prove to myself that I have actually done something!):

  • Physics Labs
    • ECG
    • CAT-SCAN
    • Flow (comparing the flow of electric current to blood flow)
  • Informatics paper on von Willebrand disease (characterized by uncontrollable bleeding) – 5 pages
  • Presentation on informatics paper – 10 slides
  • Wrote a recommendation letter for a former employee – *in Norwegian* (finally! Should have done it a year ago….sorry Emilie!! 😉 )
  • Fixed up my CV and sent out some more job applications for summer nursing practice (Skjalg has already heard back from two places, so I am getting pretty desparate…no one wants me!)
  • Registered for exams!!

I will write more when I get the chance. Right now I am sneaking this post! We have been at the coffee shop for almost 12 hours and I told Skjalg I would let him know as soon as I was done with my informatics paper so that we could go home…sneaky B!

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