Countdown and Jannie’s Birthday

May 7, 2013 § 5 Comments

We are already in our second to last week of the semester and before we know it, we’ll be in exam season. I can’t believe that the first year of medical school is already coming to a close! Time really does fly by before your eyes and I am so happy that I have this blog to document it.

On Thursday morning last week, we had an anatomy competition, giving us a shot at getting an exemption from the final exam. I didn’t make it through to the second round (only 12 of 100 or so did) but I am really happy I did it and actually found it quite fun. There were 3 parts: morphology (anatomy), histology (microscope images) and embryology. We were shown images for a short amount of time (maybe 5-10) seconds and then had to fill out an answer sheet with the name of the structures indicated in the image. It was different for each section really, for example: 1 full minute for 8 structures on one image in anatomy and 8 seconds for 2 structures in histology. I wish I had studied more for it (over Easter break) because it ended up being a lot easier than I expected it to be. I had only studied for it on the day before, so I really wasn’t putting myself in the best position.

The competitions are such a great option, but you really need to prepare for it from earlier in the semester if it is going to be a true possibility. That said, I’m going for the biophysics competition tomorrow. A bit of a contradiction, I know. I haven’t been studying for the competition and will only have tomorrow to prepare for it. The exam is at 19:30, so I am going to spend the day going through the topics we have covered over the year. I’m not expecting to pass, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless.

Today we had our second biochemistry midterm of the semester. After the anatomy competition, I jumped right into biochemistry studying. My friend and group mate, Jannie, and I studied biochemistry together for the first midterm and after trying out studying together for our second physics midterm, we found that we study really well together. So, we’re going to keep the study train going as long as we can! (Skjalg and I have tried studying together before but we’re too different 😉 I think we know each other too well.) On Friday and Saturday we studied at our place and on Sunday, we were over at Jannie’s. Sunday was her birthday and I wasn’t going to let our biochem cramming get in the way! After she left on Saturday night, I stayed up and made chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. While we had been studying that day, Skjalg had been nice enough to pick up balloons, a card and a present on the way home from the gym. I wanted it all to be a surprise and couldn’t think of a good enough excuse to sneak out myself. Lucky me to have such an amazing boyfriend!

So, Sunday morning I jumped into a cab with my biochem materials, platter of cupcakes, Jannie’s present and balloons. Since it would have been too hard to blow up the balloons at home and travel with them to her place, I brought a large bag that I could use to carry them once I’d gotten to her place. If you were near the Basilica early on Sunday morning, you may have spotted me crouched next to the parked cars on the street, blowing up balloons. The shopkeepers and restaurant owners  found me quite intriguing, making sure I had an audience the whole time. It wasn’t that bad until a balloon exploded in my face and a sound like a gunshot bounced off the buildings. Once they were all blown up, I rang the bell and maneuvered the goodies up the stairs to Jannie’s place.

I hid everything in the hallway and then, after finding Jannie sitting in the sun in her doorway, escorted her to the couch where put a blanket over her head. With her busy giggling away under the blanket, I littered the apartment with balloons and then lit the candles and sang her happy birthday. Things weren’t totally perfect – e.g. balloon popping in my face, setting my hair on fire when lighting the candles, having to use band-aids to wrap the present because we didn’t have tape, and having to use candles saying “23” instead of “26”- but it was a success nonetheless.  For her present, we got her a new water boiler. Her’s leaks boiling water and earlier this week she burned the skin off her left thumb, so it seemed like a good present.

JanniePresent JanniePresent2

After present opening we headed down to a café next to the Basilica for coffee and to study some structures.


After coffee, we picked up salads from Vapiano (an amazing Italian place in Deak tér) and headed back to Jannie’s. By 17:00, we were completely drained. With only 12 hours of sleep between Friday and Sunday, we were running on empty – easy to do this late in the semester. Jannie was laying on the floor and I was laying with my legs up on the couch, when she turned to me and said “what if we didn’t study any more today”. Dangerous, tempting words! So what happened?


Our wine night ended up being the best decision ever. Mental sanity is hard to come by at this point and we need to do whatever we can to retain what we have left.

Now it’s bedtime! Up early for biophysics cramming. I’ll be missing anatomy to study for it (which I’m not feeling good about) but I need those hours. Wish me luck!

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