What you need…

May 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

…to cram for your anatomy final.


  • 2 anatomy atlases – Sobotta (my absolute favorite) with drawings and Yokochi with pictures of real specimens
  • 1 anatomy textbook – to explain everything
  • 1 “homemade” guide of all drawings and lectures from this semester
  • 1 Haytham notes (notes written by a former student turned professor who loved anatomy so much that he wrote out notes for most of the topics)
  • 1 Histology atlas and textbook
  • 1 school-issued histology atlas
  • 1 school-issued histology textbook
  • 1 embryology
  • 1 pocket atlas and textbook – for when the big ones are too much
  • personal notes from semester
  • lots of colored pencils and/or pens

Put in about 16 hours yesterday (7:30-23:30, with short breaks to: go to the store, make dinner, talk with Jannie about how much we love anatomy and call my mama) and then maybe 10 or 11 effective hours today. It was much more challenging getting started today than it was yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Fueling me through these insane study periods is 8tracks.com, suited for my music-ADD needs. Here are some of the playlists I’ve been listening to today:


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