Medical Biophysics Final: CHECK!!!

June 26, 2013 § 4 Comments

It’s done! It’s over! Medical biophysics is behind me! I wish I could describe the sense of relief I felt when I got my result and emerged victorious into the corridor of the biophysics wing. Waiting at the end was my anxious and expectant boyfriend, ready with his camera. “I passed! I got a 4!” His face lit up and he hugged me and told me how proud he was of me. I was in so much shock that I had to sit down and actually began to tear up. A friend came up to console me, thinking that I had failed. I laughed and assured her that it was relief and not anguish.

We sat there for a few moments, until Skjalg realized that they were releasing the results for his Medical Biochemistry exam. The result….drumroll please…he passed! That means that Skjalg is 100% done with the 1st year! And he did so well – 4s and 5s on all exams except for biochem (which people are lucky to just pass). I’m so proud of him 🙂

I have my chemotaxis final on Friday morning, so I’m not done quite yet. I am completely exhausted but I keep telling myself that I only have to push through 30 or so more hours – and I know I can do it!

For those curious about my exam:

  • For the written exam, I got 85 points – which is 53 more points than my first attempt (that’s progress!). The calculations and multiple choice were standard and I had to draw a schematic of a coulter counter for my drawing.
  • For my oral portion: Audiometry as my lab topic and my theory topics were: Measurements of Luminescence. Emission polarization and anisotropy and Types and laws of fluid flow.

Luckily enough, I had reviewed luminesence during yesterday’s tutoring session with my professor. Unfortunately, we didn’t cover emission polarization and anisotropy, so I was really weak there. In fact, I think I might have gotten a 5 had it not been for that (even though I had some small mistakes in the other topics). I did watch a video on emission polarization this morning while I was brushing my teeth, but I missed some critical details and wasn’t able to figure out anything about anisotropy in the few seconds I had.

Here are the notes I prepared for my topics (we are allowed to keep them after the exam). We are allowed ample time to prepare after we get our topics – I had about 2 hours!

Audiometry AudiogramLuminescence Quantum Yield

Fluid flowflow laws

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