Two birthdays in one year…

September 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

makes me one lucky girl!

Jannie was in Sweden for my birthday this year, so she “booked” me for a day in September so that I could celebrate a second birthday with her. That day ended up being Thursday the 5th of September and I was instructed to meet her downstairs at 3:00 pm. One of the benefits of our new apartment is that it is right around the corner from Jannie’s place. It’s going to save both of us a lot of travel time this next year!

At 3:00 pm, I ran into Jannie in the foyer of our apartment building. She has our code and can therefore sneak in whenever she wants ;). We started through the front door and took a turn to the left, towards her apartment. Soon, the beautiful Basilica popped into view and we made our way towards its wide crowded steps. “Part 1!” Jannie said, arms outstretched.

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There is a lookout from the roof of the Basilica but we have never gone up there. We took the elevator to what we thought was the top floor and after traveling through a sort of art gallery, we found ourselves exploring a seemingly endless series of spiral staircases.

Finally we emerged at the balcony, after passing through the rafters above the dome that makes up the ceiling of the cathedral. The view was spectacular and the warm breeze was more than welcome on that hot summer afternoon. Jannie asked if there were any cameras and after a few sneaky looks over her shoulder, pulled two mini bottles of sparkling wine from her purse. We stood up there for almost 2 hours, enjoying the view and discussing our summers, life and the challenges ahead.

After enjoying the view over the city, we headed back to her place for some veggie dip and wine. While there, she surprised me with a birthday present. Since Skjalg bought me a bike for my birthday, Jannie had made a guide on biking in Budapest, full of fun facts, tips and rules. For the second part of the present, she surprised me with a Swedish cookbook focusing on different vegetable dishes. It was the perfect gift! Since my juice fast, I’ve been visiting the Central Market almost twice a week and filling up on as many veggies as I can carry (sometimes using Skjalg to help). It’s such a luxury to have access to such fresh and inexpensive locally grown fruits and vegetables – and I’m going to take advantage as long as I can. Jannie joked that there was a hitch with the cookbook: since it is in Swedish, I am going to need her to be there to translate and of course, eat! One of my bucket list items is to cook my way through a cookbook. This might be just the one!

As the clock struck 8:00 p.m., Jannie said that we needed to leave. The theme of my second birthday was “Exploring the New Neighborhood” and for dinner, we were going to a restaurant hidden away in the streets of Deák. She had stumbled across it earlier that day and knew it would be perfect for a birthday dinner. And that it was! We ate and drank until only the stragglers remained. A perfect ending to a perfect 2nd birthday!


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