Don’t make a mountain out of it

September 16, 2013 § 1 Comment

I’ve just finished studying for the night and am enjoying a small glass of red wine before bed. I don’t spend much – if any – of the day relaxing, so I need to squeeze in a little R&R where I can.

Today was our “short” day of the week. We started at 8:00 with a physiology lecture followed by an anatomy lab and two anatomy lectures. Afterwards, Jannie and I headed to the library, where we sat at studied until 19:00. We continued our study session at 21:00 at our place, trying to fit in a couple more hours before bed.

I find myself constantly battling with how to handle this semester. The fact that we have fewer classes is actually making things more difficult for me. When there were more, it was easy to justify prioritizing some over others. Now it feels like each class is vying for that #1 spot. I had planned on focusing on anatomy over the weekend and then starting with physio from today, since our first two tests are this Thursday. But after today’s anatomy practical, I realized that I would need to spend more time with anatomy to properly prepare for Wednesday’s lab. We have our first anatomy midterm in 2 weeks (already!) so I need to stay on top of the material. So today went to anatomy (sorry physio! You’ll get me tomorrow!). To close out the night, I reviewed glycolysis for tomorrow’s biochemistry lecture. It’s starting to feel like reviewing for lectures beforehand is quickly going to become a luxury task, but I hope to keep it going as long as possible. I notice such a difference in my self-confidence sitting through a lecture I’ve reviewed for vs. sitting through one I haven’t. Let’s just say that I’m lucky to have Skjalg here to reassure me that I am doing “just fine”.

Alright, break over! I’ve got Hungarian class in a little over 8 hours and a long day of studying and lectures to follow.

Here are some articles with advice for new med students (and they apply to “old” ones as well 😉 ). There’s something about being reminded that I’m not alone that gives me the strength to push forward through another day.

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