Post Two Hundred

September 21, 2013 § 6 Comments

Early morning Saturday and I’m going to tackle a sort of self-imposed/self-constructed challenge – my 200th post. There’s really nothing different about the number of the post, but society tends to assign value to more round numbers and I have definitely been feeling the pressure with this one. I was going to save the post for some very exciting event, but then realized that I might miss documenting some experiences in that waiting period. So here it is, in all it’s glory, or in no glory at all…

It’s the end of the second week and things are taking off at lightening speed. We closed out Friday with an extra biochemistry lecture on the citrate cycle until 19:00.

Break during physio lecture. Attendance was high for the 15:30-17:20 lecture and then dropped to about half for the extra biochem lecture from 17:30-18:40.

Break during physio lecture. Attendance was high for the 15:30-17:20 lecture and then dropped to about half for the extra biochem lecture from 17:30-18:40.

After the lecture, I walked with Charlotte to Corvin and then headed home to get ready for date night with Skjalg. It seems like it was easier to socialize during the first semester, a combination of our schedule and perceived lack of stress. Now we have to plan time to catch-up or else the chance will pass us by. After arriving home, I placed a grocery order with Tesco home delivery (sounds luxurious – which it is – but for a delivery charge of only 800 forint (about 20,- kroner or $3) it really can’t be beat!). Then it was out for dinner! We walked around the neighborhood around the Basilica for a while before settling down at Tokio by the water. It’s amazing how transported one can feel in this city! Every time we go out, I feel like I am on vacation. It’s perfect for those nights when you just want to step out of the hustle and bustle of your normal, daily life for a few hours. So Skjalg and I escaped into a retro, urban, electro-rap sushi restaurant and ate and drank the night away.

Beautiful walk home after dinner

Beautiful walk home after dinner

The days prior to last night’s festivities were packed with lectures, labs and cramming. On Thursday we had the dreaded physiology double-whammy – one seminar exam on the lecture material from the first week and a second lab exam – which we had to do BEFORE we even did the lab. Jannie and I were both feeling quite overwhelmed with the lecture material and on Wednesday night, we decided to switch from individual reading to group discussion. As we were at Skjalg and my apartment, Skjalg soon emerged from the office and decided to join us.

Though the exam is written (8 multiple choice and 2 “essay” questions) something about discussing the topics out-loud really helped us to grasp the topics and cement the details. I’ve heard before that you are supposed to study in the same form that the exam will be in – written, oral, multiple-choice, etc. I think that the benefit of discussing it with other people while studying is that you get to test your reasoning and understanding of the topics. When I am taking an exam, I always have a little discussion in my head when it comes to choosing the answer. I try to reason which choice is right and why it is right and try to convince myself of my choice when checking my answers a second time around. So, why not do that reasoning before and in the company of people who can correct/challenge your reasoning? Another technique that really helped me to prepare was to form possible exam questions while looking at each of the lecture slides – kind of like a “if I was the professor writing this exam, what could I ask about this slide?” technique.

My plan for today is to get cozy with either physio or anatomy. The groceries are being delivered in the afternoon and after that I will set aside a couple hours to prep our food for the week. Although it takes a few hours out of my precious weekend time, prepping food saves us so much time during the week and as Skjalg pointed out, so much stress. I’ve changed the menu for this week and am excited to try some new dishes. Before school started, I downloaded an app called Paprika where I can store/enter recipes. It has an amazing function where you can create a meal plan, or simply add recipes to a grocery list, and it will combine similar ingredients so that you know exactly what you need to buy. So after getting home from school last night, I browsed through the recipes, chose which ones I would make, scaled them to fit the number of servings I would need for Skjalg and I, and then added them to the grocery list. That combined with setting up a grocery order with Tesco home delivery turned a week’s worth of grocery shopping and food planning into a simple 30-minute task. I love technology! Of course, I have to put in a few hours of cooking on Saturday – but it is so worth it! Saves time and stress and keeps us healthy.

So, for this week we have:

  • Breakfast: Eggs, veggies and toast
  • Lunch: Mango-chili chicken with brown rice and veggies
  • Dinner: Chicken and veggies (this is usually a throw-together-in-the-moment meal, using food I’ve prepped already)
  • Mini-meals (for in between): No-bake protein balls, cinnamon swirl protein bread or chocolate protein bars – perfect for sneaking in the library or between classes

Sorry that there wasn’t anything more exciting to make this post worthy of it’s number! I guess just surviving the second week will have to do 😉

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