The pressure of planning

March 3, 2014 § Leave a comment

The past half hour of my life has gone to trying to figuring out how I am going to study for the next two/three weeks. My plan to put plenty of time into anatomy hasn’t really gone as I’d hoped. Exhibit A:

TimeSheetI do spend a little part of every day working on Charlotte and my anatomy fact project and I’d like to think that helps a lot… Still, anatomy is not getting nearly as much time as it should. So, I need to be more proactive! In order to step up my game, I am going to try to review the physio lectures on the same day as the lecture. One thing I’ve changed this semester – something that I highly recommend to everyone – is recording the lectures. I know many people have done it before, but I never saw the benefit until I started with it. For physio this semester, I am recording the lectures and taking short notes and then I watch the recordings and take my time getting all the points down. This can take a lot of time…usually about 20 hours a week. But, it’s worth it! The test results prove it 😉

In 13 days we will have our first anatomy midterm of this semester. It covers anatomy of the head and neck, though it leaves out the brain (seeing as we had almost an entire semester on it, it makes sense). The week after that, we have our first biochemistry midterm. Poor biochem has fallen by the wayside again. I tried spending a few hours on reviewing biochem lectures last Friday, but I just couldn’t get into a groove. It’s hard to do when the pressures of physio and anatomy are so great. Hopefully my drive will kick in closer to the midterm.



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