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I’m surfacing from what has been a crazy past two weeks. After my last post, we still had a few days of Easter break left and in the week that followed, we’ve had 5 exams (well, two quizzes, 1 competition and two midterms).

My friend Stian and his boyfriend Kim and a couple of friends were here in Budapest towards the tail end of the break. Stian and I met in Oslo some years back through our mutual friend Marie and have been friends ever since. They arrived on Thursday, a day on which I was having a very hard time getting anything done studying, so I was very happy when I received a surprise text saying they were outside our apartment. We shared a bottle of wine and then headed out for a little tour of the neighborhood and then over to Gozdu court to find a place for dinner.

The forecast for that weekend was poor, so when I woke to sunny skies on Friday, I immediately messaged Stian to ask if they wanted to go on “the walk” (a certain route Jannie/Skjalg and I usually take). We made it into a little event by stopping at Culinaris on the return leg and then setting up a little picnic on the benches in front of Parliament. Culinaris is a fine foods shop that sells all kinds of amazing products, including American goodies (though not the healthiest) and things like lavender-infused olive oil, Madagascarian vanilla bean tea, and randoms like bacon jam (not for us of course!). Skjalg and I picked up guacamole, arugula pasta salad, quinoa salad and lemon-cilantro hummus from the deli, while Stian and Kim picked out quinoa salad, tropical fruit salad, spicy peanut butter, violet-infused strawberry jam and a selection of fresh, savory breads. For drinks we had coconut water, aloe vera water and diet A&W cream soda (which wasn’t as good as I remembered).  To take home for later, I picked up my absolute favorite black rice, perfectly ripe avocados (hard to find in Budapest!) and some pumpkin to make pumpkin protein bars. Here are some pics from the walk/picnic taken by Kim:

1941348_10152387516072174_4418460968442696080_o2014-04-18 12.59.30

On Friday night, we all headed out to Iguana for dinner and then to the amazing Cuban getaway La Bodeguita del Medio for drinks, talking and dancing (though beautiful Hanna did most of the dancing). That Saturday, Sunday and Monday were study days, which closed with a last goodbye dinner at Indigo. Tuesday morning, it was back to the grind!

This past Thursday, we had our physio seminar quiz on the autonomic nervous system (which I don’t think went so well, unfortunately), our lab quiz on electrooculography and at 18:30, the anatomy competition. At the end of the second semester of the year, one can participate in competitions within each of the subjects. The “prize” and conditions of the competition vary. For the anatomy competition during the first year, the winners were exempt from taking the semi-final exam. This year, since it is a final exam covering all the material of the two years, the winners will be exempt from the practical (specimen identification) portion and/or the histology portion. After this first round of the competition (the one we did on Thursday), 5 out of 75 will be going on to the next round, which will take place this week. I didn’t study for the competition (there was just too much, especially with physio on the same day) but I went anyway, just for the experience. The competition consisted of 150 identifications of structures within morphology, histology and embryology.

After making it through that crazy day, it was cram time! Or, continuation of cram time (welcome to second year!). On Monday (yesterday) we had a cleverly planned two midterms in one day (all the days of the week and all the weeks of the semester…and they need to be on the same day?). I thought it was going to be impossible. It wasn’t, but it wasn’t easy either. During Easter break, I managed to go through all the lectures and take notes to use during finals, but after that, I prioritized anatomy. There were many different ways people chose to handle the two-midterms-in-one-day thing. Since we only have to pass one anatomy midterm this semester to be accepted to the final, most of those who passed the first one decided to focus only on biochemistry. The score of your biochem midterm will be added as bonus points to your final exam score, so many people felt it was more beneficial to get those points. For me, anatomy is a much bigger foe…I can’t even begin to describe the anxiety I feel about it. So, instead of gunning it for the biochemistry bonus points, I decided to focus on anatomy and use it as an opportunity to prepare for the final exam. At the end of June, we’ll see whether I made the right choice or not 😉

My anatomy midterm was extremely smooth, except for the nerves that manifested as an extremely shaky right hand. I was examined by a teaching assistant of the same examiner I had for my last semi-final in anatomy. This midterm covered topography of the ventral regions of the limbs and thoracic and abdominal cavities. Most of the questions I was asked were possible for me to answer because of the studying I have done these past few weeks. That gave me all the confirmation I needed that I had prepared the right way – something that is gold to a med student, since we are almost always doubting our methods of preparation.

The hours after the anatomy midterm were quite brutal. I really thought that I would be able to get in 6 hours of effective review before the biochem midterm, but my post-anatomy brain just wasn’t in the game. I had to really force myself to sit there for hours and load up my short-term memory – and that is the least effective way to study. I was able to answer most of the open questions, but I think I might lose on the multiple choice, of which I had to completely guess on about 12 of 25 of them. It was a bit of a hard pill to swallow. Failing anything is never a good feeling, but I just have to suck it up and keep going. No use in feeling sorry for myself!

So, what am I up to now? Well, with the last anatomy and biochemistry midterms done, I can go hardcore physio. I’m not a big fan of putting all my eggs in one basket, but I have my sights set on the physio competition on the Thursday of the last week. The only other subject I will be required to focus on in that time will be biochem. At the end of each semester, we have a lab exam where we are given one lab from the semester and have to write a sort of report about the lab. This semester, since it is the last of biochem, our lab exam will include all the labs we have ever done. I honestly don’t understand why we have to do all of them, especially when we have already been tested on the previous semesters’ labs, but cést la vie.

The physio competition will include 40 open answer questions and two essay-type questions. From what I understand, only the top 3-5 students are chosen and will be exempted from the entire final exam. It’s a big goal, but there’s no harm in trying!

Ok, off to a long day of Hungarian, biochem and physio!

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