A week in pictures

October 26, 2014 § 4 Comments

To accompany a *slightly* negative post I’ve written today (pre-exam jitters), here is one with photos from this past week. Didn’t feel right to mix the two in one post 😉

On Saturday, October 18th, Skjalg and I had our 5th anniversary. It was a Friday schedule for school, so we started the day with classes (unfortunately). After that it was an afternoon of EKG studying and then our official date started at 19:30. We enjoyed an evening-in with way too much sushi, some champagne and a good movie (The Good Year). It was nice to escape for an evening and enjoy each other’s company.
Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 21.19.052014-10-18 20.23.48 2014-10-18 20.23.26

On Sunday Amir came over to study. He brought presents with him – of course! He once gave me a present for giving him a present. Let that sink in. Our present this round was a taste of home and a taste of home away. He brought with him some homemade bread made by his grandmother, olive oil made by his family and a special herb mix to make a dish of which I have forgotten the name (even though I asked him 20 times). That was the taste of home (he is Palestinian-Israeli). As for the taste of home away, he brought two bags packed with Hungarian pogácsa from a local bakery. There is a bakery in his building that has a bag with his favorite breakfast – mákos rétes – ready for him every morning after he’s finished at the gym. This specific bakery was closed that day (it being Sunday) but he had picked up the treats at a place that played a close second.

2014-10-19 10.52.06

Amir preparing his special dish from home. The olive oil is mixed with thyme and sesame seeds and spread over homemade spiced bread. Then it is placed in the oven and, as Amir said, “it’s ready when you smell it.”. He told us that this is the perfect time of year to eat this dish and that it is normally enjoyed with the family while sitting outside under the trees. It was really, really yummy – and made even more so by the special feeling that came with it.

2014-10-19 15.30.56

During a little study break, we started discussing languages. I’m in awe of just how complicated Hebrew and Arabic are! He wrote our names in both languages, showing us how the word changed with a placement of a simple dot or comma. For Arabic, the spoken and written languages are different – I can’t even imagine what that’s like!

2014-10-19 15.31.202014-10-19 15.32.44  On Tuesday I made my way to the gorgeous Parliament library. I had to leave earlier in the afternoon than I had planned because I wasn’t feeling well. Luckily, the clouds had cleared (mostly) and the walk home was warm and beautiful.2014-10-21 15.06.23  2014-10-21 15.08.052014-10-21 15.09.31Wednesday night was a really special night – a surprise birthday party for our friend Mads! For the celebration, we planned for some cocktails at our place and then dinner at Pomodoro (which was amazing – I’d never heard of it before!). Skjalg was really inspired after our last cocktail night and it showed! The drinks he made were fantastic and so special.After physio TA class that day, I stopped at the gas station at Kalvin for 8 bags of ice – yes, 8! – which I had to carry with me home. By the time I got through the front door, I was exhausted. The sight that awaited me didn’t help – there was coconut EVERYWHERE. Skjalg’s first drink, pina colada, was to be served in real coconut shells. In the three hours before I’d gotten home, Skjalg had been hacking away at coconuts and gotten only three or four done. I spent at least 45 minutes vacuuming just the living room. There was coconut in the couch, in the carpet, on the window sills. Some had even made it’s way across the room into our bedroom! It all came together in the end though – and the night ended up being absolutely perfect!


Skjalg created the perfect cocktail playlist and had Casablanca playing (without sound) in the background.




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