It’s going to be a great week

October 26, 2014 § 2 Comments

Sunday night and I am giving up. It’s the end of a long weekend (four days total) and I have done nothing but study – and it has made me quite the bitter little student! I left the apartment once and that was only a 20 minute trip to return my stylus – for the third time. Yes, I use it so much that I have already gone through three. This model is battery operated and works amazingly for the first few days. The battery life is terrible (go through a AAA once per day, so we had to invest in rechargeable ones) and after a week or so, the entire stylus simply shorts out. They obviously didn’t have medical students in mind when designing it… I ended up getting a different one this round and am really hoping it lasts. Going back a fourth time will make me look like a lunatic.

So, why the four days locked inside studying? Immuno midterm on Wednesday and pathophysiology midterm on Friday. The best part? The immuno midterm is worth 40% of our grade (something I didn’t know about until last week). The weight of that didn’t really sink in until yesterday morning and when it did, my happy little study bubble popped. This feels like exam period all over again!

At one particularly low moment, Skjalg came in to the bedroom (where I’ve holed up these past four days). His little speech inspired the title of this post. He told me that this can be a great week if I want it to be. It can be a week where I face challenges head-0n and grow stronger, no matter the outcome. It can be a week of treating my body well, eating healthy and going to the gym. It can be a week of balance, a week of learning, a week of strength. My response at the time wasn’t so receptive. I told him that every comment he made elicited the same response in my head, “40%”. 40%. 40%. 40%. It’s not always such a nice place in there…


By 19:00, I was so wound up that I decided to stop and steal the night for myself. I took care of some bank things (someone in Indonesia apparently has a copy of my credit card, luckily the bank stopped the transaction of 3 million IDR and notified me right away), answered some emails and am now sitting in the massage chair writing this blog. Hopefully a little time to myself, a good night’s sleep and a trip to the gym in the morning will set me straight for the week ahead.

In other exciting news, there was a large demonstration that passed our apartment today. It was the largest we’ve seen since we lived here and concerned a very big topic: Hungary might be the first country to tax internet usage. Read more: and


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§ 2 Responses to It’s going to be a great week

  • Hey! Hope you are well. I saw something about that internet tax on the news and the guy repealed it? Miss you. XOXO

    • Buda B says:

      Hey! Everything is good! Just super stressed, haha. So much to do this semester and so little time to do it. Yea, the prime minister wanted to enforce and Internet tax (something like $1 per 1GB). There were two huge demonstrations against it and it ended up getting pushed a year. People are really unhappy with him (for that and other reasons).

      Hope you are well! Miss you too 😀

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