Hello again, exam period

December 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

I awoke this morning to a long message in Whatsapp from dear Hugo (whom I met back in May/June of last year). He shared that he had passed the Norwegian language exam (Bergenstesten) required to get loans from Norway for school. He is originally from Portugal and currently living and working in Oslo, with hopes of starting medical school soon. He is one of the most motivated, disciplined people I know and I’m sure he’ll reach whatever goal he sets his mind to! In the message, he also mentioned that it had been a while since my last post (indicating the sheer stress of this semester). I can’t believe it’s been almost a month! All of those memories are missing their right to documentation 😉

Third year is no joke. Every class feels just as important as the next and it honestly feels just like first year all over again. I feel like I had to start fresh in everything because all the subjects are new and present their own unique challenges. On top of that, my schedule was tough (classes from 8:00-16/17:00, Monday through Friday) which did not leave a lot of time for studying. For the past several weeks, I had to start sacrificing some lectures (mainly internal medicine, unfortunately) in order to have any hope of getting any study time in. We only had 6 midterms this semester: 2 in microbiology, 1 in pathophysiology, 1 in immunology (worth 40% of our final) and 2 in Hungarian. Compared to the 35-40 tests we had each semester during second year, this was nothing. But still, it didn’t mean any less pressure to learn the material. In addition to my heavy course load, I took on being a TA for both physiology and anatomy. It’s been a really nice experience and I’ve really enjoyed it, but it has cut a lot of time out of my possible study time. If I wasn’t a TA, I would have had Wednesdays free after 13:30 and Fridays free after 13:50. I don’t want to give up being a TA next semester, so I’m hoping that my schedule will be a little bit better or that I find a way to be more efficient with the little time I do have.

So fast forward to now: 3rd day of exam period. Yes, exam period started the day after the last day of classes. This year, many potential exam dates have been knocked out due to Christmas landing in the middle of the week, so some departments opened up exams for this past Saturday. Some brave souls went straight for the pathology semi – one of the biggest ones. We have ours on the 30th and let’s just say I cannot wait for that to be over. Skjalg and I will be taking our exams together this exam period and will be packing them all within a month. This is what our schedule looks like:

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 12.04.31I’m not too worried for our immuno exam tomorrow – but I will probably still have a little freak out later in the day. We have to get 51 points out of 100 to pass and it includes our points from the midterm. While I didn’t get enough points to qualify for the competition (31/40 – was off by two!) I still have a good amount. With points from the midterm, I only need 20 points out of tomorrow’s possible 60 to pass the exam. Removes a little pressure – at least the pressure of having to do it over again. I still have to push myself these next 24 hours if I want to do well.

At least Skjalg and I are keeping it cozy 🙂



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