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April 28, 2015 § 3 Comments

That medical school is a stressful experience was no surprise to any of us. What did surprise me, however, was how much of that stress revolves around how I handle and view stress. It’s been quite the battle over these past two and a half years and I’ve made progress, but I’m nowhere near where I’d like to be. During this chapter of our lives, we’re meant to be broken down while simultaneously pushing forward. Any upset of that balance throws us into a series of challenges meant to restore it.

Previously, my thought process has been that my best chance is possible only if I devote every free moment of my time to studying. The problem with this is that you are never satisfied. Why? Because you will never, ever, be done studying. So, this semester, I have been trying to balance out my life a little bit.

To be completely honest, I wrote those previous paragraphs on April 3rd. I remember that night because I was feeling calm, happy and balanced. I felt it so strongly in that moment that I thought there would be no way I would forget that feeling. And that meant that I could put the computer down and enjoy a movie night with Skjalg.

Now it’s been almost a month. A lot has happened in that time. Many great memories have been made. But tonight, is exam registration. The single most stressful event of the year (depending on who you ask). At 21:00, all of us will log into our accounts on Neptun and furiously battle it out for the few spots available for our desired exams. I’m getting stressed now just writing about it. I was hoping I could escape the stress of the upcoming exam period and complete this post, but I’ve lost the path to that mindset. At least for now.


Since I should be studying (when is that not true?), this post is going to be a series of shots I’ve snapped over the past few weeks.

March 25th – Since Jannie moved, we don’t study together in person as much anymore (she used to live only a minute away) – so we do it on skype! Gotta love modern technology 😀


March 29th – Our friends from Norway, Roar and Karolina, came to visit for a few days during Easter Break with their adorable son Håkon. On their first day, we grabbed a bottle of wine from Di Vino and walked up to the Parliament building to enjoy it with the sunset.

20150329_183248 20150329_183233

March 30th – Fun Easter decorations in the Easter market


April 7th – We had two microbiology midterms this semester and both were scheduled for Week 12 – quite late! Luckily, some of the teachers were flexible and allowed us to take them early. I took my first one (mycology and parasitology) before Easter Break and towards the end of the break, made the decision to do the 2nd (virology) on the first day back. That meant 3 days of exam period style cramming! Thank goodness for SketchyMicro!!


April 9th – Spring hit Budapest – and people were enjoying it everywhere!


April 10th – Sunny study spot! Cramming for the Genetics midterm had begun.


April 12th – Making Skjalg pretty 😛 His hair has gotten so long!


April 15th – Hugo came to visit Budapest! Unfortunately, we completely forgot to take a photo when we met for dinner. So, I had to steal the one he sent me from when he celebrated his birthday.


April 16th – Such a beautiful day – so psychology class took place outside in the park! I wasn’t feeling well that day, so I missed out, but Skjalg took this photo so I could see how nice it was. We were really lucky with our psychology professor this semester. He is extremely engaged and really wants us to understand and enjoy psychology.


April 19th – Skjalg ran the Budapest half-marathon. He did an amazing job: 1:59 for 20km!

April 2oth – Beautiful morning on the way home from the gym. Took a moment to relax in the sun and enjoy the moment with coffee and coconut water.


April 21st – Skjalg and I were feeling a bit down so I made these amazing protein powder cookies I discovered on instagram. The author’s (jazzythings) were a lot prettier than mine, but they still tasted great!

April 24th – There are some American medical students visiting from Buffalo. They have been here for a month, but we didn’t meet them until last week. We invited them out for drinks at Akvarium and ended up being a huge group. It was an amazing night – much nicer than sitting inside being exhausted and pretending to study!


April 25th – Hanna came over for a girls night in. We made our friend Stian’s “Healthy Snickers Cake” and watched Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights. She just got back from Cuba a couple of weeks ago and I thought it would be fun to “go back” for the night. While making the cake, we got a call from Stian and his boyfriend Kim back in Norway 😀


April 27th – Beautiful sunset! Wish I had caught it in time. Might be nice to leave the apartment sometime ;). Quest bar “apple pie” with greek yogurt (mixed with PB2) for dinner.

20150427_194216 20150427_215519


That’s all for now! Tomorrow is our last midterm in a class called Medical Imaging, which is split into an anatomy part and a biophysics part. Tomorrow’s midterm is the biophysics part and let’s just say I need a miracle for that! Haven’t touched biophysics since first year!

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