May 24, 2015 § 4 Comments

Sunday night and the cool night breeze flowing through the apartment carries with it the sounds of summer. It is a holiday tomorrow so the vibe in the city is that of a second chance at Saturday. Yesterday Jannie and I studied at Costa Coffee for 12 hours straight, taking a break only to meet Skjalg for a quick bite at Burrita. Today was/is an inside day for me, though it doesn’t feel like it with so much life outside.

For the past few hours, I’ve felt like I’m studying in a latin night club. There is music playing in the park and I imagine plenty of dancing to accompany it. I had planned to go and investigate a little further, but study-guilt had kept me glued to my seat.

I have two more days until my pathophysiology exam (I’m pretending only one, so that I am actually excited about the “extra day”). I’m not feeling too good about it, which is no surprise at all. I’ve had such a foggy head since pathology and have been so absolutely exhausted. Yesterday was really the first day that I was able to sit down and critically analyze and process information. I’ve been sleeping a decent amount (around 7 hours) and practicing keeping a positive mind-set, but stress still lingers in the shadows. The ferris wheel in the park changed direction today and when it did, I spent the following 30 minutes thinking I’d lost my mind. It’s been running every day for the past two or so months, from 7 in the morning until midnight or even later – and always in the same direction! It’s with me when I study and I watch its lights flicker through our curtains as I go to sleep. Seeing it spin in a different direction makes me feel like I woke up in a parallel universe. Maybe I did…

Sometimes I feel like exam period is like getting caught in a series of waves at the beach. You get pulled under and tell yourself it’s ok, you’ll surface soon, but when it goes too long you panic a little at the thought that it might not be ok, that maybe the wave will keep you under too long. Then you surface and are relieved. That was a close one, you think. Then another one comes and the same thing happens. And again, and again, depending on how many exams you have and how big they are. To keep my mood up, and I guess you could say my head above water, I’ve been listening to some of Alan Watts talks on youtube. I find his voice and words extremely calming – and so, so fitting for how I feel during all this. Sometimes his words resonate so perfectly with my thoughts, that they melt away. There is something so comforting about being reminded that you are not alone during a hard time and that your worries and fears are not unique. These are some of my favorites:

This past Wednesday, Skjalg and I met with Amir for some celebratory drinks at 360. At least we’d planned to go to 360. When we got there, we were told that they were closing because of the weather. At that point, the sky didn’t show more than some odd layered clouds with scattered dark swirls. We turned back towards Deak and ended up at Skjalg’s favorite: Boutiq’. We enjoyed some creative cocktails and then called it an early night (can’t relax too much in exam period). When we emerged, we were met with a beautiful stormy night sky. I absolutely love summer storms, so I was a little sad that we had been hidden deep inside Boutiq’ rather than front and center for the show. Luckily, I got to see some pictures. My friend Jules took these gorgeous, perfectly timed shots:

11350590_10153407358448755_7665992311422932078_n 11261674_10153407497208755_2679139627656254324_n

Today, this amazing shot popped up on facebook, click here to read more about how the photo was created.


Ok, back to studying for me. It’s already 22:00 and I still have a lot to do before bed. Wish me luck! And motivation…and a clear head! 🙂

Here’s a last little Alan Watts video, light and short but sweet and deep at the same time. It inspired the title of this post.


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  • Wishing you luck lady! Hope you feel my support over here on the other side of the world!!! Go B!

  • Ron Singer says:

    Greetings, Great post today and thanks for putting up the Alan Watts videos. Enjoy the holiday tomorrow to relax and study. Are you in finals now. Do you have classes throughout the summer. When do you began seeing patients.

    • Buda B says:

      Thank you, Ron! Yes, finals period began officially last Monday. It runs through July 4th and then there is a week at the end of August, should anyone need to squeeze in a retake.

      We don’t have classes now, so we have free range to study and take our exams. Classes won’t resume again until the first week of September. We have a mandatory internal medicine internship this summer, so we will be doing that in Norway in July and then working in a nursing home throughout August.

      This is the end of our pre-clinical run, so we’ll be seeing more patients from now on. We started with internal medicine this year, so we have been seeing some patients, about 1-2 every week. Next year all of our classes will be in the clinics, except for pharmacology.

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