Hump Day(s): Round III

September 27, 2012 § 2 Comments

For those not familiar with the term hump day, it is a reference to Wednesday as being the “hump” of the week – that is, everything is down hill from Wednesday. This is not the case for the members of EM1 Group 12… We have class from 10-15 on Monday and Wednesday and only from 13:50-16:30 on Tuesday, and then our week gets fun. Thursday isn’t too horrible (we have lectures from 9:20-18:00 with some breaks in between) but Friday is a life drainer! As I’ve posted earlier, our Friday is simply lab, after lab, after lab, and finally lab. So, here we go! Thursday morning and we’re only at the start of the climb…

The good part is that I am almost back to my healthy form again, save some bothersome sniffling and coughing. I’ve rationed what remains of our Dayquil/Nyquil reserves since Hungary operates under the same “get better by resting and not by using cold medication” philosophy as Norway does.

Drinking fluids is proving to be harder than I would like it to be. We are not allowed to have food, drink (even water), or gum in the Anatomy building and don’t always have time between our long classes to take restroom breaks. Sometime I will come home and realize that the last fluid I ingested was my single morning coffee, which pretty much makes me negative for fluids for the day. It also doesn’t help that they are doing construction on our street and the water came out like this yesterday:

Would you like a drink? It’s rust flavored!

Definitely not a “get your 8 glasses a day” motivator…though it went away after we ran the water for a minute or so.

Ok, enough dilly dallying – off to school we go!


First Semester’s Schedule

September 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have to admit that I absolutely LOVE my schedule. I only have one day where I start at 08:00 and my latest class doesn’t run past 18:05. Aside from Anatomy, I have all my practicals on Friday, which means I should be able to prep solidly after the lectures earlier in the week. I feel like our group got very lucky with the time-placement of our different classes: Skjalg has one day where he has a 5-hour break between two classes and there is one group that has two days where their classes run from 9:20 in the morning until 20:00 at night.

Curriculum for the First Year

July 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

The following curriculum covers the 2011/2012 school year. Semmelweis has not yet released the curriculum for this year, but I can’t imagine that they are going to make too many changes. We’ve been informed that new information will be available online from the 20th of August.

Each semester includes three modules. The first module contains the main courses, the second the obligatory electives, and the third the optional electives. I can’t wait to get information about how the electives work. The main course load is already 26 credits and with the obligatory electives it is up to 32. This can’t leave too much time for the optional electives…and I kind of want to do them all. If the credits are calculated the same way they are in the States (1 hour of class = 1 credit), then I imagine I will be overloading it a little by taking 47 credits…

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