Summer’s End

August 31, 2015 § 2 Comments

Bodø summer has come and gone (we got almost a full two weeks of blue skies and 20+ degrees!) and we have only five more days until we are back in Budapest. The two weeks since my last post have been absolutely dominated by work. I had my first two days off from work on the 18th and 19th – thanks to a bike accident that put me out of commission for a few days and a sweet boyfriend who was kind enough to cover both shifts in the restaurant on our days off from hjemmetjenesten. I spent those days sitting out in the sun and losing myself in Carlos Ruiz Záfon’s The Shadow of the Wind.


On Friday the 21st we celebrated my 28th (!!!) birthday. We both had to work in the evening, so we decided to celebrate before. Skjalg stayed up late and then woke up early to make me an amazing cheesecake and whole breakfast spread, which we enjoyed together with his mom. After that it was off to the gym and then down to the docks to get shrimp for lunch. One of my favorite things to do in the summer in Norway is get fresh shrimp and sit out in the sun with some wine and music. 11920411_10101941986789768_2127572551_n11940211_10101941986804738_217504594_n 11933083_10155968597370293_478157418_n

At work, I was surprised with a brownie (which I ate before taking the picture…) and a blown-up glove wishing me happy birthday. I hadn’t told anyone about it, so it was a really sweet little start to the shift. 11949575_10101941986794758_1846696379_n

This summer has been exactly what we wanted it to be and we’re looking so forward to heading back to Budapest, exhausted and victorious. At the beginning of the summer we’d set a number of goals for ourselves (which we usually do, though we don’t always reach them…) and this time, we exceeded all of them! We’re in a much better place financially, thanks to an insane amount of work and generosity of Skjalg’s family. We’ve been as active as ever and have been really good about spending time outdoors when the weather is nice. Lastly, we’ve been challenged and gained a lot of experience.

Only five more shifts and registration (which is coming up on Wednesday) to go!


July Snapshots

July 19, 2015 § 7 Comments

This month (so far) in pictures.

July 4th – Our first day in Bodø and our first hike of the summer
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July 5th – S and I enjoyed coffee in the sun and then mowed the lawn. A total of 5 hours in the sun left us a nice golden/burnt.

Our first round of student-budget grocery goodies! We’re on super-saver mode this summer since the dollar is so high (and we pay our tuition in dollars, unfortunately).

Grandma’s homemade whole grain bread!


It is light here all day long…this was taken around 23:00. Makes it so hard to sleep!
20150704_221538 20150704_221446

July 6th – Signed up at the new StaminaHot gym. They are remodeling the whole area and the gym is now up on the 4th floor. It has stunning views!

20150706_103411 20150706_112012 20150706_105633

Post-workout sushi made by Skjalg’s stepbrother Pai – such a treat!


Super excited to find tuna for even cheaper than the one we bought 😀 Only 4,90 kroner per can (about 60 cents)!
20150706_173608 20150706_181202

July 7th – First day at work and after lunch, I was all alone. Decided to keep myself busy…20150707_145443

In one of the older wings of the hospital, there is a large office area designated for medical students with lockers, computers and books for us to use. 20150709_134900 20150709_134913

This random photo represents one of my “I love Norway” moments. The receptionist at the gym is only there for a few hours a day during the summer, so the rest of the time, the gym is unmanned. There is a little kitchen area with coffee mugs and a coffee pot. I watched one guy walk over, wash some dishes and put on a fresh pot of coffee. Then he poured himself a cup and walked back to the training room to continue training. This is something I feel could never happen in the US because of the liability. Here it just seemed so natural…and homey.
July 11th
– Skjalg and I started the day with a hike up to the top of Keiservarden

That night, Skjalg had his shift at the restaurant (we’ve been working a couple shifts at Skjalg’s dad’s restaurant; I have mine on Fridays). He ordered some chicken satay to go, picked me up and we headed up to turisthytta (a sort of lookout point) to eat dinner and enjoy the midnight sun.

After last weekend, this has been the weather pretty much every day 😦 Trying to make the best of it and appreciate the coziness… but it’s hard!


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