Why Buda-B?

In short: my name is Bianca and I am studying in Budapest.

I’m one of those people that puts off starting a blog because I can’t find a good enough name for it. Then I’ll search through other peoples blogs, get jealous of their cool titles, and end up creating a title that it so similar to one I’ve seen that I can’t use it. In any other blog I’ve done, I’ve settled for plain, cliche titles like: Bianca in Norway or The Adventures of B. They may have worked for some, but for me they were failures when compared to the hundreds of witty, catchy, and creative titles I’ve come across.

When I was sitting down to write the first post of this blog, I had several topics to play with: Budapest, Hungary, medical school and me, Bianca. Instead of using some kind of blog-name generator or asking google for help, I sat down with the ol’ pen and paper and tried to give it a shot. It looked something like this when I was done:

-Bianca in Budapest

-Hungary for Med School

-Med School in Hungary

-Bianca goes to Hungary for Medical School

-Hungary B (or Bee)

-Budapest Bianca

– Pest B

-Pesty B

-Buda B

-Bianca goes to Med School

When I was done I looked at my list. I had written titles worthy of books for 5 year olds. Apparently my creativity knows bounds…

I needed a second opinion and possibly some help. I showed the list to my younger brother Christian and he laughed as he scanned over the titles.

” ‘Hungary for Med School’ ” he laughed, “Bianca, are you serious?”

He liked the sound of Buda B though. It was fun to say and was catchy enough. I did a google search to make sure that it didn’t have some kind of vulgar meaning out in the inter-webs. My search produced a moving company in Sweden and some, unique, music videos on you-tube. Since I couldn’t use the space between the words, I put in a hyphen – and thus Buda-B was born.

Now, I started the blog before I had actually gotten into Semmelweis. I had gotten into Pecs, but that is two hours outside of Budapest and would therefore destroy the legitimacy of the title. In addition to the traditional stress of just getting into Semmelweis, there I was worrying about whether or not my blog title was going to make sense.  I was very relieved when I got in, to say the least.

There may be some that argue that Semmelweis is actually located on the Pest side of the city (Budapest is two parts, Buda and Pest, split by the river Danube) thereby rendering my title invalid. With them I’d like to share the following picture:

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